Sex, Rock N Roll, DRUGS

I am a total skeptic as it relates to the development of drugs in the United States. I think it is a rigged and corrupt system. That is, however, not the point of my blog post today.

Today we speak of Biogen’s newest drug, the recently US Food and Drug Administration approved Alzheimer’s drug: ADUCANUMAB.

[The marketing guys got ahold of the boss and the drug will be marketed under the name ADUHELM. I know, not much of a name, but beats the Hell out of aducanumab.]

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Second Acts, Second Chances

America is the most forgiving country in the world. It is the best place on the planet to go bankrupt. Other countries doom you for life plus a year, whilst the USA lets you wipe out your debts and move on.

We Americans are a forgiving people in general. We believe in the second chance.

Right now, we are conducting a test.

The Jeffrey Skilling Test of Forgiveness — Second Chance?

Jeffrey Skilling was the CEO of Enron who went to jail for twelve years of a fourteen year sentence [originally sentenced to 24 years, it was reduced to 14, and he served 12 plus a $40MM fine] for a myriad of charges including securities fraud, insider trading, lying to auditors, and conspiracy while he lorded over Enron.

Jeffrey Skilling on his way to prison.

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The IRS Stormtroopers

Big Red Car here.  Sticky and warm here in the ATX.  Already in the low 70s and likely headed to needing A/C for the mugginess before the day is over.  Bit cloudy.

So The Boss is talking to one of his politico pals and they get on the subject of the IRS.  The Big Red Car eavesdrops.  [Haha, the Big Red Car is worse than the damn NSA!]

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