Bluebonnets and the Texas Hill Country

Big Red Car here. I’m angry, vexed, irked, and pissed off. The Boss goes out to the Hill Country to survey the bluebonnets. He goes in the truck and doesn’t take me.

How is that right?


So, they go to the Hill Country north of Fredericksburg in the Round Mountain area south of TX 71 and wander the little roads where the bluebonnets grow. Dirt roads, some of them. You have to know where to go but you’re always safe traveling the Willow City Loop but the best bluebonnets are between TX 71 around Blue Lake and Willow City.

This is some pretty damn country, y’all. It is the Hill Country.

There are Longhorns there. Big, powerful Longhorns.


There are mountains there.


Little mountains. That’s a sea of bluebonnets in the valley beneath.

There are “free range livestock” wandering the roads eating grass.


This is Texas about forty five minutes west of Austin. On the out, you eat some barbecue and on the way back you stop in Fredericksburg and drink a beer, eat a warm pretzel, and get some schnitzel with sauerkraut.

BBQ no sauce Green Mesquite 2

This is where YOU belong, dear reader. Haha. Yes, you do.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Tell The Boss to get me a new paint job if I don’t get to make the bluebonnet tour through the Hill Country.cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png


6 thoughts on “Bluebonnets and the Texas Hill Country

  1. BRC, saw today where the Bluebonnet Trail was listed as one of America’s ‘Top 10 All-time’ best road trips. Is that the same route, BRC?

    • .
      That is further north up toward Marble Falls, Burnet, Llano.

      This is south of there on roads which suddenly turn from oiled stone to dirt and where there are at grade creek crossings and where the livestock roam free between the cattleguards you cross about every 1,000 feet.

      This is where the locals go.


  2. it’s beautiful out there. They also have the Nimitz Museum in Fredricksberg. Ironic that the sign entering the town is Wilkommen, and it says Auf Wiedersehen on the way out!

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