Austin is on Kim Jong-on’s “Nuke List”?

Big Red Car here.  Sorry I have been so out of touch and difficult to reach for the last few days.  No excuses, mind you.  Just been out and about.

Got a nice little wax job yesterday and feeling good am I.

So imagine my surprise when I learn bright and early this morning that Austin by God Texas is on the “list” of nuclear targets of that fellow from North Korea, Kim Jong-on?

 Here’s the little despot meeting with his Generals and looking at the nuclear target list which includes the Capital of the Lone Star State.

I hate the idea that the little fellow is targeting me and my friends here in the ATX without ever having really visited.  If we were Waco, as an example, I could understand the animosity but Austin?

So, tell me, Mr Premier, have you ever been to Barton Springs or Deep Eddy or had some ribs at the County Line?

Do that first, then decide that you want to nuke us, you little Dweeb.

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car!