Austin — by God — Texas, the ATX

Big Red Car here.  Chilly today, brrrrr!  But a very hot article today in Venture Beat about Austin — by God — Texas where me and The Boss reside.

Well, the secret is out.  And, the secret is Austin, Texas!

Look at the Venture Beat article here — Why Austin is tech’s new destination of choice” — and read it carefully.  Clink on the link to see the article.  It is very good.

One thing that the article does not touch on is the burgeoning presence of huge, huge manufacturers like Samsung who is investing several

Samsung is investing $4B — billion, laddies — in Austin and will employ over 2,500 construction workers and vendors in the effort.  Here is a press release <<< link  — from the company announcing its plans.  Just a smooth little $4,000,000,000 project.  Wow!

The Boss was Samsung’s first landlord in Austin some 18 years ago.


The article ‘splains exactly why folks are coming to Austin but let me, the Big Red Car, rub it in just a bit.

They are coming because of the business climate which starts with the Governor and the Legislature and the people — Texas is wildly pro-business.

It is also convenient that California is abusive in its treatment of business.

As a result one cannot swing a cat on a ten foot leash and fail to hit a transplanted Californian.  And, we seem to be getting the entrepreneurial and hardest working segment of the new immigrant class.

Last, Hell, Austin is just fun.  We have such a good time here, maybe it should be illegal.  Who knows.

Haha, here’s me and a pal of mine — Bevo, the Longhorn mascot.  Big old Bevo is always trying to get me to cruise the Drag with him but he’s just too damn big, ya’ll.  Everything is bigger in Texas.  That Bevo is a monster.

We got the Longhorns, SXSW, Austin City Limits, great food, Live Music Capital of the World, Barton Springs, BBQ (Green Mesquite, ya’ll) and TexMex.


OK, let’s get to the bottom line — the Big Red Car and The Boss are saving a place for YOU.  You know you want it, come get it.  You can stay in The Boss’s blue guest room.  OK, maybe that’s a step too far.  But, really, we WANT you.

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.

On Earth as it is in Texas!  In Austin — by God — Texas!

6 thoughts on “Austin — by God — Texas, the ATX

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      If you come to Texas, you want what Texas is all about. Think how easy it would be for someone like you, an entrepreneur and seasoned business guy, to assimilate in Texas.

      Hell, you’d have boots and a cowboy hat within a week.

      We are getting what I would call the mobile class — bit of real estate equity to grease the move, entrepreneurs, upper management. Folks who are shorting California — which is a beautiful state and a hard place to leave.

      Funny phenomenon is the Google’s, et al, putting big operations in Texas — Austin in particular.

      Nobody is going to change Texas other than the continuing evolution of the basic demographic — becoming more Hispanic. Which is not bad. Hispanic culture is religious, family, hard working, entrepreneurial, education centric, etc.

      Republicans/conservatives need to figure out how to mine what is already there.

      They are a natural Republican vein of support — which is why “self-deportation” is so incredibly stupid.


  1. Lots of quality businesses and people have been leaving California for awhile now. Tax and regulatory environment is terribly oppressive. Ask Phil Mickelson.

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