Austin By God Texas for the Win

When you live in Austin, Texas it is impossible to be humble. I will not pretend.

Austin was named as the #1 city where Americans are flocking because of plentiful jobs, rising salaries, and booming business.

If you have been out and about, this is no surprise. [They are all driving with reckless abandon on MoPac starting every afternoon at 2:30 PM.] If not, read about it here.

Austin By God Texas CNBC

There is another lesson to the story.

On Earth as it is in Texas, y’all

The list is fifteen cities long.

 1. Austin, Texas

 2. Provo, Utah

 3. Raleigh, North Carolina

 4. Charleston, South Carolina

 5. Nashville, Tennessee

 6. Denver, Colorado

 7. Dallas, Texas

 8. Boise, Idaho

 9. San Antonio, Texas

10. McAllen, Texas

11. Houston, Texas

12. Ogden, Utah

13. Charlotte, North Carolina

14. Orlando, Florida

15. Des Moines, Iowa

Five of the total fifteen cities are in Texas. Two each are in North Carolina and Utah.

Big Red Car, what does this mean?

Dear reader, it means that Texas is as hot as a pistol!

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car and I live in Austin By God Texas! Come on down, y’all.