A Special Drink for the C Suite

Big Red Car here.  C suite folks are special.  They do special things.  They drink special drinks.  The Boss told me NOT to tell ya’ll but here it comes.

The CEO special drink.  For you from the Big Red Car!

Start with a large plastic hot tub cup from a ski resort.  Can also use a similar cup from the Turks & Caicos or Huatulco.  Must be hot tub plastic cup.

Go to Sam’s and buy the Del Monte Red Grapefruit fruit naturals.

Get some Canada Dry diet ginger ale soda.

Cup, dump in the fruit, pour in the ginger ale, stir with your finger.  Wait a second for the bubbles to subside.

Cool, refreshing, delicious.  For C suite folks only or aspirants thereof.  If you are not currently a C suite personage, start drinking and eating this and you will be shortly.  I promise.

Drink off the liquid and then tilt the cup and devour the grape fruit.

[Pro tip:  Experiment with your favorite tequila or vodka.  Tito’s vodka from Austin by God Texas works very well but don’t tell The Boss I suggested the vodka.]

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know?  I’m just a Big Red Car.  Be good to yourself.  You deserve it.



4 thoughts on “A Special Drink for the C Suite

  1. Safe bet, BRC. Tito’s works well with everything.
    Try this in your tank.

    Summer Punch:
    1 can of Minute Maid ‘Original’ frozen Orange Juice (12oz)
    1 two liter bottle of Sierra Mist Lemon-Lime soda (not diet)

    Allow frozen orange juice to soften. Pour into large tea pitcher.
    Slowly stir in the lemon -lime soda (refrigerate soda beforehand)

    [Hot tub plastic cup from ski resort optional]

    Delightful all day long. Enjoy

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