Donald the Disruptor Trump

Donald the Disruptor, we speak of him today but first, the weather report.

Big Red Car here, y’all. Bit rainy in the ATX but, hey, we like some rain. We don’t really need any rain as our lakes are filled to overflowing and we’re sending water downstream to the Gulf of Mexico and the rice farmers. Yes, Texas has rice farmers and, yes, they need water.

So, today, we chat about the nature of Donald the Disruptor. You may not have noticed but Donald J Trump has been “disrupting” the political landscape.

The political landscape has been trying to bury Donald and thus we know him as much as the disruptor and for the powerful forces he has aroused in opposition to his disruptive influence.

Disruption, in most things, is a healthy force though it may not look like it at first.

The forces opposing Donald the Disruptor Trump

In cataloging one’s opponents, enemies, one also defines oneself. No? We are simultaneously defined by our supporters and our detractors.

I offer you the following examples of the forces that have risen to oppose DJ Trump:

The Old School print media — the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe. There are others but these three provide us with sufficient grist for our mill.

The power of the billionaires and their PACs.

The GOPe and their clinging to their country club party machine politics.

The weaponization of the organs of government, currently controlled by the Democrats. Case in point, the Internal Revenue Service.

The weaponization of social media in the exemplar of Facebook’s recently unveiled manipulation of its content to favor its beloved causes while damaging those it does not favor.

You have to throw in a cable television station, no? Yes, you do. We may have to skip this one today.

The print media (dinosaurs all)

The print media, in their last decade of minimal, archaic relevance as they all become bridge haunting trolls of the digital landscape, went to their Old School playbook summoning up old fashioned distortions, yellow journalism, and lies. It is and always has been their strong suit. It is their only suit.

The Boston Globe printed an entire front page which tried to paint a United States on the first anniversary of Trump’s inauguration. The premise itself is heartening — the Globe sees Trump as President. Now, that’s a leap, no?

This was all fiction while newspapers are supposed to be the “first draft of history.” History may be murky but it is supposed to be based on facts, even at the Boston Globe. If we wanted fiction, we would read Amazon’s annual reports (cheap shot).

The Washington Post, handmaiden to ultra-liberal leftist Amazon Chairman Jeff Bezos (unfair?), hired twenty reporters to dig and delve and mine Trump 24/7. They did NOT hire reporters to follow the election — which would have suggested some heightened coverage on ALL candidates — no this effort is in opposition of Trump and nothing else.

The revelation of their ham handed bias is breathtaking. They should get preferred seating at the Democrat convention for loyalty alone.

The New York Times managed to set a world record for refutation when it printed a center, front page article about The Disruptor’s treatment of women. Problem is that a couple of the central figures in their story line called bullshit on them before the ink was dry. It would be one thing if something like this happened over some period of time but the main characters’ response was dramatic — they accused the New York Times of lying. Wow, consider that — the Newspaper of Record lying?

The NYT response was — “The story speaks for itself.” Something that honest folk can agree upon, no? The story, indeed, speaks for itself and the words are “hit job.” Hit job unconstrained by fact and in direct contravention to the witnesses to history themselves.

The Disruptor’s actions are made noteworthy by the magnitude of the response from this last gasping industry.

Billionaires are not like us little people

Billionaires like to be able to count their money and worship compound interest, dividends, and capital gains. They also like to pool a bit of money in a Super PAC and influence an election while being taken seriously. The billionaire class does not like Trump, who is one of their own, because he snatches the veil from their Emperor’s new clothes nakedness and exposes them for the influence peddlers they are.

Who gathers a pot of money to be against a candidate while being otherwise unable to champion another candidate? Worse, the billionaires are really irked at Trump for having beaten all of their rented mule candidates.

Now, the first cracks have begun to appear amongst the billionaire ranks with Sheldon Adelson jumping ship to stuff a hundred million dollars — $100,000,000 — into Trump’s general election coffer. Even billionaires want to be in the game and are willing to pay full tuition to join. Ahhh, how sweet.

Trump has emasculated the billionaire class and their Super PACs. Donald the Disruptor.

The GOPe is now using the ladies room, no?

The GOPe — Mitt Romney, Stuart Stevens, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, Bill Kristol, George Will, Charles Krauthammer — has been beaten and rather grandly. They have only themselves to blame. They fielded horrible candidates in 2008 and 2012 who perfected the ability to lose and lose big. They failed to master the basics of a modern, digital campaign. They were unable to clinch and fight when clinching and fighting was the order of the day.

Stuart Stevens, Romney campaign manager, is apoplectic with his animosity toward Donald the Disruptor to such an extent that he fuels Trump’s supporters. If SS was so damn good at what he does, wouldn’t we have had a President Romney?

Romney, the ultimate boot licking traitor, was only too happy to kiss Trump’s ring when he needed him and now exposes the void in his psyche where a man’s character is supposed to reside. I love the nonsensical rant about the Trump tax returns. Ohhhh, there must be something in there, right, Mitt?

Mitt Romney with Donald Trump

Mitt, dear, Donald says he will support you. Isn’t that precious? Those were different days, no?

The GOPe is happy with the President’s edict that they can now use whatever rest room they “feel” like because they have collectively begun to feel uncomfortable in the both the Republican Party and the men’s room.

Good luck, my pretties, but know you are no longer the soul of the Republican Party. The people have ousted you. Go get a phone booth and have a meeting. Y’all all will be able to fit.

The weaponization of the IRS

The IRS’s public exposure as a tool of the Obama administration in their illegal treatment of conservative groups — “not a smidgen of corruption” — is not as finely focused on Donald the Disruptor as much as it is on conservatives, writ large. Trump walks on that side of the street and, thus, he is hurt by their actions.

This is really an offense of such magnitude that Jon Koskinen, the hapless soon-to-be-impeached head of the IRS, and Lois Lerner should be sharing cells in Leavenworth.

It is instructive to know to what extent the Obama administration will go to meddle in national politics with a destructive bent, not content to simply be an instrument of Democrat fundraising and cheerleading. They are a political instrument to be targeted against any entity that is not liberal and leftist. This is Nixonian in its grandeur and scope.

The Department of Justice is studying this playbook as they may need it for the impending email indictment of that other candidate, Hillary Clinton, the sniper’s best friend.

[Note: You knew from the beginning that the sniper story was poppycock, no? No sniper could have missed that two-axe handle wide sitting appendage. Very tacky, Big Red Car. Very tacky, indeed. Beneath a Big Red Car. Out of the gutter, please.]

The Facebook

Comes this week the revelation that hip and cool The Facebook has been nudging their content and messaging toward the left while impeding the facts and reality of conservative and other targeted entities (The Drudge Report).

It comes as a shock, a shock, that Rhe Facebook would be antipathetic toward conservative causes and right of center commentary and content. Shocking. Shocking, indeed.

So shocking that The Earl of The Facebook will be conducting a meeting amongst all of the maligned tribes to convince them that The Facebook has done no such thing. How could that have happened anyway? It’s not like the Earl hasn’t taken any leftish stances, no?

Good luck with that, Zuck, cause all of the evidence is coming from internal whistleblowers.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car — I have stuff to do today

Okay, dear reader, bit long winded today. Fair play to you.

Donald the Disruptor has been disrupting much of the smug, comfortable-in-their-own-rough-skin folk, who find his brand of populism to make them uncomfortable. In their discomfort, they are using every tool at their disposal to exact a price from Donald the Disruptor.

By your friends and enemies, you shall be known. Drive on, Donald the Disruptor. The squealers are singing your song.

"American Woman: Fashioning A National Identity" Met Gala - Arrivals

Donald the Disruptor and some fetching girl he’s currently keeping company with. Can’t remember her name. Oh, yeah, First Lady? That Melania person will make an excellent First Lady.

Donald the Disruptor is on his way. Of course, he is always one gaffe from destruction, no? And, all of these brilliant folks said — Never going to happen. How could all of those geniuses be so wrong then and so right now? Haha. Adios.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Be kind to yourself and get a little disrupting in before you go home tonight.cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png




13 thoughts on “Donald the Disruptor Trump

  1. Haha, good luck my pretties! Doesn’t get any better for me than that line. Why are they so damn pretty and prissy, I never got that?

    I had a majority leader ( the super clean preppy kind) tell me he was the majority leader about 15 times before we got to the 6th hole one time. I fantasized about what his face would look like if he saw his bag floating on top of the creek. It would have been perfect.

    You have made your stance clear with the Donald. I always thought he was amusing no doubt, even ten years ago I would say, “he’s funny and not that bad.” So now what do I think? I think of him as the same, amusing. However, you know the words he has spoken…. Punishment and Wall, these two words, yes, he maybe can move around but in this process are “the people” not discounting the importance of the office he is running for?

    Surely I find it sad that even I have sat at the table with the ambassador of Tajikistan of whom the Donald would take years to know his name.

    • .
      Bit of real world for all of us this rainy Thursday, no?

      WTF difference does it make if a guy knows the name of the Ambassador of Tajirafuck?

      We need people who are patient enough to learn, smart enough to investigate the possibilities, and able to make good decisions about THE STUFF THAT MATTERS.

      Knowing the names of obscure ambassadors will not solve our problems with the economy here in the gold old US.

      We need a leader and we need a direction and we need someone leaning forward in their saddle.

      College professors can worry about pop quizzes on ambassador names and lecturing the American people.

      We need someone who is worried about YOUR pay check and you.


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