6 thoughts on “Please Do Not View This Video

  1. Wow that’s incredible. Only thing that could have made it better is if she lede with the part where she says they stuck by her (while starting to cry) and then went into the other observations. I would have also not put in the signs with his name next to you know who branding wise that’s a bit dangerous to reinforce. [1]

    [1] You know a man accused of rape is always branded in the future even if he’s acquitted.

      • I say it’s genuine. They have little to gain by trying to pimp someone to do this for them. The fact that she specifically said she didn’t ask for permission (if taken on face value) also shows a bit of the way the organization works. Perhaps if you do something wrong you get slapped like a parent to child but not like a corporation to employee. Dad (Donald) probably lays you out but you keep your job.

        You can see that Trump has “mafia” loyalty with this woman. He stood by her and she is immune to anything he says or does. Gotta admire that type of stuff.

        Fred should post it on video of the week. His mention of Trump yesterday was clearly intentional knowing it would spark a discussion. If he denies it, it’s only because he doesn’t consciously know he’s doing it.

        Nice looking woman also (no surprise there eh?).

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