The Chicago Machine — how corrupt is it really?

Big Red Car here.  Been out for an early run this morning.  Got stopped for not having a current registration.  The Boss had put it in the glove compartment — when was the last time you wore gloves, driving gloves I guess?

The policeman was quite understanding and said to get it on the windshield and did not write The Boss a ticket.  Got me thinking about the legitimate role of government and how government regulates itself.

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Vision, Mission, Strategy, Values >>>>> OBJECTIVES

Big Red Car here.  Bluebird day here in the ATX.  Top down day.

So The Boss gets a bunch of emails in regard to the post about Performance Appraisal.  He gave away a free exemplar — a form — which showed how he used to do this years ago.  You can get one at that blog post or later on in this one.  Don’t fret.  Useful free stuff coming your way.

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