Traditional Values or Conservatism?

Big Red Car here.  Well, The Boss is in Idaho skiing.  Huh?  Yes, just me and the house sitter in this nice warm, top down weather.  Already 75F and who knows how warm it is going to get?  Haha

Well, the Big Red Car has been doing a bit of thinking about the current values in our society.  [Ohoh, when the Big Red Car gets thinking, no telling what might happen.  The  Big Red Car is like that.  Haha!] Continue reading


Weaving the Tapestry of Business

Big Red Car here.  Cool night and The Boss is up early this morning.  He loves a Saturday morning.  Pancakes and bacon, perhaps?  Bit of fresh 10W30, please pass the clean air filter?  Haha, Big Red Car, you crack yourself up.

So The Boss was musing about the “tapestry of business” — all the individual threads that must be woven together to make a coherent whole.  It is a structural notion that requires a strong core, a stout wearing surface and a lovely pattern.  It has to be strong, wear well and turn a pretty face to the public.  Most importantly, it has to be real and authentic.

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Vision, Mission, Strategy, Values >>>>> OBJECTIVES

Big Red Car here.  Bluebird day here in the ATX.  Top down day.

So The Boss gets a bunch of emails in regard to the post about Performance Appraisal.  He gave away a free exemplar — a form — which showed how he used to do this years ago.  You can get one at that blog post or later on in this one.  Don’t fret.  Useful free stuff coming your way.

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