All Hail Villanova!

Big Red Car here licking my wounds at the defeat of my beloved Tarheels.

Jay Wright, coach of Villanova, apparently had not read the script wherein the Tarheels were to be anointed the National Champions. Instead, Villanova, the Villanova Wildcats, took the championship in what was a brilliantly planned and executed gameplan.

All hail Villanova!

Villanova logo

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March Madness – Oh Happy Day!

Big Red Car here.  Who cares about the freakin’ weather in Austin, Texas?  It’s March Madness, we care about the strength of our cable signal almost more than life itself.

The Boss got the Grande Communications 1 gig service recently.  The cable signal is strong.  It is fast.  Life is good.

Ladies, we spoke of the protocols of March Madness here — MARCH MADNESS For Women Only.  Go read it.  Make your man happy.  Please.  This will pay huge dividends in the future. Continue reading