Business Strategy v Company Culture

Big Red Car here. Going to be clear and 70F today in the ATX. Not a bad winter day.

On Earth as it is in Texas!

Today we speak of the relationship between business strategy and company culture. They are different in a meaningful way. Not quite as clear as the Austin skies today. Let’s shed some light on them. Continue reading


Company Culture — in Pursuit of Excellence or Workplace Health?

Big Red Car here.  Going to be a bang up day in the ATX.  Lovely bright sunshine everywhere, bit of a breeze and a nice balmy warm 96F.  Great convertible weather, no?  Take that hint, Boss, and let’s get some miles on the old Big Red Car today.

So, we are musing about the subject of Company Culture again, ya’ll.

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Company Culture — the Invisible Hand

Big Red Car here.  What a day in the ATX.  The Boss was out early and we took a quick ride through the neighborhood.  Everything is under control.

So, The Boss gets into a conversation with a young CEO and the young CEO poses the question — “Hey, what am I supposed to be doing about the Company Culture?”

WTF, sayeth The Boss and then they chat for a bit.  It is a long chat, but a very simple one.

Sayeth The Boss:  “You, my dear CEO, are the invisible hand which spawns and maintains the Company Culture.”

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Company Culture — Clear Definition

Big Red Car here.  OK, Old Sport, summer is here.  Going to have a few isolated thunderstorms today and then it is going to to be hot, hot, hot for the rest of June.  Oh, I love summer!  Summer in the ATX!  On Earth as it is in Austin, Texas!

So, let’s get back on the Company Culture rant and today we are going to talk about the notion of Clear Definition.  WTF, Big Red Car, what is that?

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Company Culture — the Power of Empowerment and Self Determination

Big Red Car here.  Lovely cool morning here in the ATX.  Just lovely in the mid 60s and going to be sunny today.  Hey, that house sitter drove the Hell out of a Big Red Car yesterday.  All the way out to Marble Falls and back.  I am beginning to like that young punk.  Haha, Big Red Car, do not call The Boss’s little pal a “young punk”.

OK, sayeth the Big Red Car.

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