Big Red Rules X

Big Red Car here.  Had a big storm come through last night right at midnight.  Wind, rain, lightening.  It was very powerful.   There is something comforting about listening to a big storm from the safety of one’s warm, comfy bed, no?

Well, folks, I was out in the driveway drenched and freezing, so I hope you were thinking of me.  But, hey, enough whining — how about some Rules?

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Big Red Rules Booklet

Big Red Car here.  So I put my Big Red Rules compilation on Scribd.com and got over 1,500 hits since yesterday.  They made me add some sections so it would look like a “professional” book.

I also had The Boss’s My Perfect Daughter design a new book cover for it and here it is.  Enjoy and let me know what you think about the new format. Continue reading


Big Red Rules Compiled

Big Red Car here.  I can’t begin to tell you how nice the weather is here in the ATX.  But then I guess I just did, eh?  Haha, Big Red Car, you crack yourself up.

So I am getting ready to give you a few Big Red Rules but a wag wrote to me and said — hey, Big Red Car, you have published several sets of Big Red Rules — put them in one document so I can read them all together. Continue reading