Austin By God Texas for the Win

When you live in Austin, Texas it is impossible to be humble. I will not pretend.

Austin was named as the #1 city where Americans are flocking because of plentiful jobs, rising salaries, and booming business.

If you have been out and about, this is no surprise. [They are all driving with reckless abandon on MoPac starting every afternoon at 2:30 PM.] If not, read about it here.

Austin By God Texas CNBC

There is another lesson to the story.

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The Reality of Our Terrible Economy

Big Red Car here.  Hey it was 72F yesterday.  The Boss took a long, long walk in shorts and a tee shirt around Town Lake (the damn Lab tripped him and he went down hard but executed a paratrooper three point landing, so nothing broken — that Lab is in big trouble).  That Lab is dumber than dirt.  Sorry, Bella. Continue reading