State Governors Lead the Way

Big Red Car here.  Hope you are well on this nice crisp Texas day.  It is wonderful.

So The Boss is out and about and I have been surfing the web.  I came across a couple of interesting articles which seem to tell the tale as it relates to the fortunes of different states in the hands of Governors with different governing philosophies.

Governors Have to Balance Budgets

Most States require the budget to be balanced.  Expenditures cannot exceed revenues.  In Texas, before the Legislature can even begin spending your money the Comptroller has to certify how much revenue the State will receive in the next two years — charming feature of the Texas Legislature is they only meet every other year — and when the Legislature has spent all the money, they just go home.

Governors Control Their State

In all but twelve States, the control of the Legislature is vested in a single party.

The Republicans control a total of 24 States.

The Democrats control a total of 14 States.

There is no controlling party in the remaining 12 States, the lowest number since 1952.

What Are the Republicans Doing?

Where Republicans are in control there are either no State income taxes or they are being repealed as quickly as the Legislature can get it out on the floor.

This is a gross over simplification but don’t tell Gov Bobby Jindahl who has announced his desire to abolish income taxes and make a slight increase in sales taxes.

So why is this happening?

Look no farther than Texas where the absence of a State income tax has been credited with contributing significantly to prosperity.

And who does not like a jigger of prosperity with their spirits?

Everyone wants some Texas sized hospitality and lower taxes.

And, the Big Red Car say:  “Why the Hell not?”

What Are the Democrats Doing?

Well, the Democrats are increasing taxes and spending the increases on additional programs which must be funded even if the State is struggling.

Take a look at Massachusetts — Taxachusetts, anyone? — where Governor Patrick Duval intends to increase the State tax on gasoline from $0.21/gallon toe $0.51/gallon — a Texas sized tax increase if ever such a beast trod the Earth.

Oh, but the Governor is not content to stop there.  He wants $1B of new State taxes.

On his agenda is —

1.  Increases to the State income tax;

2.  Increases to the State sales tax;

 3.  A new tax to tax travel at the rate of $0.024/mile traveled in your Massachusetts automobile — a first in the Nation;

4.  A new payroll tax; and,

5.  The taxes just keep rolling in.

So you make your choices and you risk the outcomes.

But, hey, what do I really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red car.

7 thoughts on “State Governors Lead the Way

  1. Where’s the small gov, minimal tax, liberal rights, clearly separated church and state party? I’ve been told Libertarians, but any political party has the stink of manipulation and corruption. Anarchy? no, that just hides it’s head in the sand.

    Whether we’re governed by capitalist survival and a drive to succeed, or socialist ideas like no one’s left behind, we’re still governed, controlled, and bound by social custom.

    There are other alternatives besides two party systems. What we need are more social political experiments. We need the startups of government to show us what can and will yield improved individual rights and social well being. Maybe a few hundred or thousand of these, with full mobility and choice between where one resides.

    • Not in the US, so I can’t tell very well from afar, but Libertarians sound really good to me. In fact, considering I live in Europe, even Democrats sound better than anything we have around here. Europe is just a huge government with some people around to pay the bills (humongous bills, btw…).

      • .
        @fernandogutierrez:disqus @VictusFate:disqus

        I subscribe to the Groucho Marx sentiment — I would never join a club that would have me.

        I would not really allow any political party to count on my personal loyalty. I am a guy who believes in policies driving decision making and not party affiliation or loyalty.

        As an example, I am wildly liberal on education. I am extremely conservative on finance looking for a balanced budget, a commitment to wipe out all debt and a smaller, limited, less expensive government. Anyone who espouses those sentiments gets my vote and my support.

        I don’t think America can get a real third party in our system. The primary system of getting on the ballot is too hidebound and structured. It needs some serious disruption. Ross Perot came the closest to tipping the scales and he got 18% of the vote.

        I could embrace gun regulation but am aghast at the lack of enforcement of the laws we already have and the nonsense that a criminal about to commit murder is somehow going to be dissuaded from a crime because of the number of bullets he can legally jam into a magazine.

        This is just such stupid and unrealistic thinking as to make the entire debate be disqualified at the start. Criminals are not going to be discouraged from killing by the size of the magazine.

  2. The Big Red Car is whining since it does not drive around the picturesque and historical country and beach roads of beautiful Massachusetts during the summer and fall. A bit tough in the winter for a convertible, especially an old one. Once the roads and brigdes are restored via the new Forward plan (its an investment, not a tax to make sure you understand) by our leader, you will be safe to make the pilgrimage (remember those hard working folks) to try them out. Since I live in the town (Concord, MA) where the Colonists took on the Redcoats at the North Bridge (‘shot was heard around the world’), it is sad to consider what ‘used to be’ and appalling to now see what goes on in this state. One party state: corruption in the state house, corruption in various state programs, a newly elected senator who is a fraud, sale of plastic water bottles banned in Concord and a nearly passed town law to put cats on leashes (to protect the birds) (town a laughingstock) . Moonbats run amuck. Texas looks pretty good from here. My Jeep Wrangler Safari is wondering if TBRC would like to do a driveway swap.

    • .
      I must admit that I have often wished that the Cape and Nantucket — not Maaartha’s Vineyard — were part of Texas. Maybe a heads up swap for Galveston is in the works?

      It must be wonderful to live in a place like Concord — to close your eyes and see if you can feel the history. I have stood in the quiet of the Alamo and felt it myself.

      Contemporary events make me wonder what our Founding Fathers would say about the great Nation they birthed. Have we been worthy stewards of their sacrifice?

      I have confidence in the system — hopeless romantic, I fear — that the pendulum will swing back and we will find the equilibrium we so desperately miss and need.

      The Big Red Car is in the midst of preparing an Underground Railroad for all worthy automotive specimens to make their way to the great nation of Texas — we were a country when we came into the States “united”.

      In Texas, cars do not rust.

      In Texas a man and a car can have as many plastic water bottles and Big Gulps and guns as he desires.

      I pity the poor man who tries to put a leash on a cat, even a Massachusetts liberal cat.

    • .

      When cataloging a man’s flaws at any station in life, they rarely come in singles or doubles — but more likely in 24 unit cases with perhaps a six pack thrown in to boot.

      For a man of any refinement and breeding to set foot in a Cadillac — the very sound of it rolling off one’s tongue arouses an urge to brush one’s teeth painfully and with an electric device of some kind — when he could “command” a true Muscle Car speaks with a clarity and volume that leaves no doubt as to having been a spawn of the Devil himself.

      The Big Red Car is at your service, darling.

      A Big Red Car in the hands of a proper conservative is a thing of great beauty as it “conserves” the very greatness of our Nation itself. When those horses are unleashed and the wind builds in your hair you can only say one thing: “I am free and free is good!”

      On Earth as it is in Texas!

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