Political Campaigns as Art — Feeling the Bern, Talk Bernie to Me, Baby!

Big Red Car here enjoying the final throes of the South Carolina campaign.

It is a time of high drama, emotion, and ………………………………..POLITICAL ART.

Art encapsulates all that drama and emotion and delivers it to our senses as visual and audio art. There is the combination of this as a damn good video.

Are you feeling it, America? Cause the Big Red Car is, baby. Oh yeah!

I love the energy of Donald Trump and, as he points out, Jeb is a “low energy guy” perhaps the only new insult invented in political campaigns in a few years.

Then, there is this:

“Talk Bernie to me, baby!”

Is this a great country or what? BTW, did you notice how The Bern threw President Obama’s Hope & Change under the bus, y’all? Oh, yeah. Bernie is not messing around.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car but even a Big Red Car can FEEL THE BERN! Talk Bernie to me, baby.