Owning the Oxygen — Donald Trump

Big Red Car here — not endorsing or supporting ANYONE but observing something pretty damn basic.

Donald Trump owns the oxygen in the current presidential campaign. The dude owns the freakin’ oxygen and the rest of the schlubs are trying to rent a whiff of it.

“Who sold him the oxygen?”

The media and Fox News. Well played, you idiots. “Sold” him? They gave it to him for free.


Donald Trump is like that quote from Gandhi:

First, they ignore you;
Then, they laugh at you;
Then, they fight you;
Then you win.

Yeah, that one.

At first, Donald Trump was one gaffe from a train wreck. The GOPe and the political punditry and the media said, “He’s going to self-destruct. Just a matter of time. Wait on it.”

Smug bastards? Big chunk of a year later — WE STILL WAITING!

Then, they laughed at his outrageous mop of hair. “Hahaha, look at that clown!”

Turns out, Donald Trump cleans up nice and isn’t really such a big clown after all. Huh?

Then, the GOPe went to the mat to defeat him. Still, doing it today. Still, trying unsuccessfully to beat Donald Trump while their boy, Jeb Bush, blew through their money and failed to be anointed as the candidate. Miserable failure. Terrible handicapping. Big fail.

[Note: Same bunch of clowns, the GOPe, who slapped Jeb Bush with their checkbook dumping $100MM on him with which he has put up $82MM in ads and garnered 3% support. These guys are going to stop the Juggernaut Trump? The guys who anointed Jeb and can’t figure out why he’s a dud? These same guys are all that stands between Trump and the nomination? Really? Well, isn’t THAT special.]

Now, EVERYONE says, “Hey, this could happen. You could have a Donald Trump Republican candidacy. Hell, the guy could win it all!”

Just like that Gandhi dude.

The Debate

Donald Trump has never been a guy to be trifled with. He will sue your ass. Might not be a characteristic to be proud of and maybe not one to be cultivated in a President. But everyone knew about it. Big message: Donald Trump does not take shit from anyone. Anyone.

Train wreck, y’all?

Well, Fox News now has a debate on their hands tonight that nobody wants to — NOBODY IS GOING TO — watch. Like Chris Matthews says, “Who wants to watch a couple of Cuban guys debating? Doesn’t put a tingle up my leg.”

So, you’re Roger Ailes and your advertisers are calling, saying, “WTF, Roger? I bought those ads to run in front of 25,000,000 sets of eyeballs and y’all ran off the prize pig? The guy who brings the eyeballs? This is business, Roger. This ain’t bean bag. I want my fucking money back, you idiot.”

Me? The Big Red Car? Hell, even I will be missing the debates and watching whatever the Hell The Donald is putting up tonight. Cause, I want to see the action. I want to taste the juice. I want some of that freakin’ OXYGEN!

And, dear readers, Donald Trump has his hand on the valve that controls the oxygen.

How did this happen, Big Red Car?

The Donald objected to the inclusion of Megyn Kelly by the Fox News folk suggesting she wasn’t an “objective” moderator. That is a fact based assertion. She either is or she isn’t. You make that call.

Me? I like Megyn Kelly but I also think that the questions she asked the last time around were provocative and short sighted. She liked her questions. She never backed down from her questions. More power to her. I like that, frankly.

Now, she is reaping the whirlwind she started. Even Megyn Kelly is not immune from the results of her actions. She made a terrible miscalculation as to the power that Donald Trump had in the matter. As to their relative power. She is a blonde and sometimes blondes get shit wrong. [And, yes, that is an insensitive, jerky, micro-aggression. Not sorry.]

His, Trump’s, objection took a turn for the worst when he clearly indicated he might not appear if he couldn’t be assured that he would be treated fairly. Pretty straightforward bit of blather. Same thing he said to the RNC some time ago.

Fox News sent out the following statement in response Trump’s utterance about the fairness issue:

“We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president. A nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings.”

This statement is attributable to Roger Ailes and had the result of inflaming the situation. Essentially calling Trump’s bluff. Classic Ailes.

Guess what?

Donald Trump was not bluffing and now Roger Ailes, a guy who doesn’t make too many mistakes, has caused a business gaffe that will cost him eyeballs and those eyeballs will cost him money. To say nothing of pissing off advertisers upon whom Fox News relies for revenue and Google, the debate partner, isn’t going to feel so keen about it either. Nobody likes being made to look stupid.

The statement was provocative, ineffective, inflammatory, unprofessional, amateurish, smarmy, childish, and has now spawned a disaster. Well played, Roger, you idiot.

[Let the Big Red Car share some truth with y’all — the Big Red Car loves watching the debates in a Nascar sort of way. Not going to endorse anybody but it was great entertainment especially the Nascar element. I feel cheated. Cheated and angry at Fox News and Roger Ailes. Still love Google.]

Begging Billy O’Reilly

So, just when you thought it couldn’t get more sophomoric, Fox News sends out Bill O’Reilly to publicly beg Donald Trump to show up for their pathetic Cuban debating society thing based on the fact that, apparently, O’Reilly gives Trump vanilla milkshakes in the green room before Trump graces the studio over at Fox News.

Who knew that Bill O’Reilly was a soda jerk? A lot of folks think he’s a jerk but a soda jerk?

It was pathetic.

I’m just glad they were bringing Trump on remotely or I think that O’Reilly would have given him a blow job. Pathetic! [Look, O’Reilly is a team player. Get over it.]

Donald looked so powerful. O’Reilly looked like a Tijuana hooker. Fox News looked ridiculous.

I guess that Fox News has figured out the eyeballs issue.

The Oxygen, what about the oxygen, Big Red Car?

Of course, you have noticed that for the last three days there has only been one topic of discussion in the media world — The Donald. The Trumpster. Donald Trump.

Who can buy this kind of publicity? Only one guy and his name is Donald Trump.

For the next couple of days, this will continue. Know that whatever Trump actually does on Thursday night, tonight, will be covered like the freakin’ Super Bowl by both his supporters and his detractors. Like the freakin’; Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Roger Ailes will be doing some goofy Cubano debate thingy with Google over on some other channel. I won’t be watching, so I don’t need to know the details. Probably going to be a big thing but the center ring of that circus won’t be filled.

Like Donald Trump said, “Not my circus. Not my monkeys!”

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Please pass the oxygen, Donald. Please.




2 thoughts on “Owning the Oxygen — Donald Trump

  1. She liked her questions.

    First cut, I didn’t mind but only because I expected a newsie to push out nonsense.

    But The Donald (TD) was correct: That first question was bad. And TD is correct — shouldn’t put up with such nonsense.

    Because the nonsense was nasty? No. Because it was not for the main purpose, the significant, objective, correct information we need to be good citizens and voters in our democracy. It is just that main purpose why we give special legal rights to journalists.

    That earlier this week Megyn was all sugar and spice and everything nice to the guests from The National Review where each of their 22 best minds totally soiled their pants in public, Megyn looks not objective and, instead, biased. We have to expect that some wealthy donors were looking for ROI.

    Since Roger Ailes and Megyn Kelly just cost Rupert Murdoch several million dollars, he will have to give both Roger and Megyn some special career counseling.

    Megyn has a lot going for her. And terrific for her that she is drop dead gorgeous and has a husband, children, and a successful career.

    Yes, Megyn, some good questions are seem nasty, but not all nasty questions are good. Your goal is to be good, not just to be nasty.

    Trump’s rally for the vets, $6+ million, was terrific. He put it all together in less than 24 hours. Net, the guy can get good stuff done!

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