Fixing Your Head in the North Carolina Mountains

Big Red Car here. The Boss has been in the North Carolina mountains for a little while and he left his computer off, so I couldn’t write to y’all. Sorry.

Now I’m back on line and can get back to visiting.

Let’s talk about the North Carolina mountains — that patch of beauty out there in far western North Carolina right next to Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina.

Look for Cashiers and Highlands in the North Carolina mountains.

The North Carolina mountains mean hiking. The Boss loves to hike. [Well, when it’s flat and dry and picturesque, that is. Uphill, like Ranger School? Done that. He’s a constant complainer.]

This is what we’re talking about. This is where real Americans live in the fly over country. Where folks are not afraid to be patriots.

You go to places like the High Hampton — Confederate Cavalry General Wade Hampton’s hunting preserve in Cashiers and a great old Southern inn of historic significance. You always have to wear a coat to dinner but on some nights, you have to wear a tie in addition. Old South, y’all.

It is a comfortable and gracious place where you still need to make a fire — huge roaring, warming fire — in the evenings as it gets cool in the mountains until about the 4th of July. Lots of fires!

You can even drink some moonshine. The best is the cherries marinated in moonshine. No early meetings the next morning.

In the warm afternoons, you sit on the porch and rock. [But not until after you have had your daily hike. Oh, no! You have to hit the trails!]

Of course, in the North Carolina mountains you will have some pig barbecue. You are a civilized, sophisticated beastie and you have to have some barbecue. [But, only when you’ve finished your hiking. Only then does it taste like it’s supposed to taste.]

And, as they say, there it is!

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car! Good weekend to everyone. What happens on Sunday? Right, Mother’s Day. Get off your butt and make it happen. Mom had a tough time bringing you into the world, show some damn appreciation. Be good to yourself, in addition.



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