Essential Ingredients in a Robust Company Culture

Big Red Car here.  Going to be a nice day in the ATX and a great day to discuss the essential ingredients in a robust Company Culture.

The Boss was looking through some old files and came upon a picture book from a company he founded and grew to almost 500 employees and then sold the assets.  It was a “good lick”.  It seemed to bring a smile to his face.

In looking at that picture book, The Boss was ruminating on the different ideas and notions that went into developing a strong Company Culture.

The essential ingredients

So, here is what he came up with:

Building blocks — we have discussed and reviewed this earlier and it may be worthwhile to just refer back to that discussion here.  “Pearls of Comany Culture — Cultured Pearls?”   <<< click on link




Clear definition



Self determination

Rewards, recognition



Investment in people


What not to do

We will discuss each of these ingredients in detail in the weeks ahead.  The development of a robust Company Culture is not a simple or easy exercise.

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.