Deep State v Summer Help v Swamp

Big Red Car here on a serious note. We are watching an attempted coup d’etat in Washington. Look carefully and you can see the signs. Oddly, the Big Red Car thinks it’s a good thing to get all the rats out of the shadows and into the sunlight. Now, they can be effectively engaged.

Rats 1

Who are these folks, Big Red Car? The Deep State?

Contrary to what you learned in high school government class, the US is not run by three co-equal branches of government. The Constitution says it is, but the evidence does not support the theory.

The government is run by the Deep State, the Christmas Help, and the Newbies.

Huh, Big Red Car, what are you talking about?

Yes, dear reader, the country is run by groups who operate in the shadows.

The Deep State is the entrenched civil servant bureaucracy which has been in their jobs for decades. This is true whether it is DOD, the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS. There is a cadre of folks who think (know) they will outlast any set of political appointees placed over them. There is no credible evidence to refute this assertion.

The Deep State leans hard left and is instrumental in the “weaponization” of certain departments of the government.

An example of a Deep State operative was Lois Lerner of IRS fame. An IRS lawyer involved in the review and approval of tax exempt applications, she pigeon holed applications from conservative entities prior to the 2012 election to blunt their impact on the election. Nobody from the White House sent her a memo (no emails or Wikileaks and the Russians would have gotten them, haha). No memo from the DNC, but she did it as if she’d gotten her instructions tattooed on her wrist. Deep State.

There is an element of the Deep State in the CIA which has taken umbrage at the criticism leveled at the intel racket by President Trump. He, rightfully, called out their bosses as being political hacks. They waited for their chance to even the score. They sharpened their long knives and carved Mike Flynn up and threw his carcass into the mean streets of DC to be fed upon by the media and other jackals.

No pity for General Flynn — he was a long time intel hand who denounced the Obama administration’s sunshine pronouncements about Al Qaeda and ISIS being on the run. President Obama canned him for that. President Obama does not like anyone challenging his meme. This is the second time General Flynn got fired for doing his job.

Generals should know better than to lie to …………………… anyone. No tears, not crying for Argentina or General Flynn. Good man, but he screwed up and the Deep State over at the CIA got him.

To get an idea of how treacherous the Deep State is consider that the collection and leaking of a conversation intercept (what the spooks over at the NSA do 24/7, listening in on the entire world) is a felony when it is an America citizen’s conversation that is being revealed. It is also highly, highly, highly classified as it revealed the extent to which the NSA was monitoring Russian big wigs.

This is not a “leak” about a meatloaf recipe, this is revealing highly classified information to the freakin’ media.

The Deep State, when sufficiently aroused will go nuclear and criminal. In a freakin’ New York minute.

Why? Cause they know they can get away with it with a media which will never go after them.

The Christmas Help are the titular heads of these departments who are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. The Deep State at the CIA actually call their bosses the Christmas Help openly.

The CH political appointees will drag along five to ten of their own ilk and they will decamp at their new plush offices and pretend they are running the show. If the Deep State doesn’t like them, they will begin a campaign of opposition immediately. This is what the CIA did to General Petreaus, who had leveled criticism at the CIA from his vantage point as the boss in A’stan.


He was the biggest consumer of CIA intel in A’stan and criticized the tortuous expedition by which CIA intel took so long to become actionable battlefield intel.

When he made his deal with President Obama — essentially taking a demotion from Combatant Commander in charge of Central Command to theater commander in A’stan (the theater commander reports to the combatant commander), he was promised the CIA job. The Deep State didn’t like that and the General’s affair of the zipper got outed. Deep State fingerprints all over it.

Again, no sympathy for Petreaus, he was the one who let his zipper do his thinking for him.

The Deep State pretends to pay attention to the Christmas Help, but they intend to outlast them and to wait for the next administration.

The Newbies are the recent hires by the Deep State to fill positions within their departments. If you have a left leaning entrenched bureaucrat, who is he going to hire?

He is going to hire those made in his image and likeness and with similar political or governing philosophies. No surprise there. The Deep State begets the Newbies, who may be asked to make the talking points and do the wet work.

The Newbies are like the Fifth Column of Nazi fame, erected to ensure the long term political purity of the Deep State. In time, they march ever upward and obtain their secret ring and handshake and become part of the Deep State.

President Trump, can he do this?

At an early point in his candidacy, Donald J Trump began to understand what he was up against. He had to defeat the following entities (enemies):

 1. The seventeen other candidates (the low hurdles as it turns out to be).

 2. He then had to defeat the GOPe, the Bush and Romney arms of the Republican Party elites.

 3. Only then did he get a crack at Hillary, who actually turned out to be the easiest opponent as she didn’t campaign or go where the fight was taking place. “HRC gave President Trump the election” is as accurate a statement as “Donald J Trump won it.”

 4. All along, he had the media as liars, opponents, shills to deal with.

Only since he won and began the transition did he bump into the Deep State and their acolytes, the Newbies.

In the course of draining the swamp, these are the swamp creatures and they intend to outlive the President, who they consider to be Santa amongst the Christmas Help.

Can he do it?

Yes, but it will take:

 1. enormous cojones,

 2. slashing Federal payrolls and headcounts,

 3. getting rid of a few Cabinet level departments,

 4. surrounding himself with tough hombres (for which he already gets top marks),

 5. and a relentless effort during which his mental health will be questioned, the White House will be “chaotic” and “disorganized” and “dysfunctional”, his impeachment will be screamed for by idiots who have no idea of what the impeachment process entails, the media will redouble their efforts to take him out, and the Deep State will win some scalps. Already, they have General Flynn’s scalp.

So, there you have it, dear reader. The Deep State, the Christmas Help, the Newbies and the challenge. Let the games begin.

Me? I’m betting that President Donald J Trump will WIN in the end. [The guy loves to WIN.] The goal posts may get moved a few times and the administration may have to put a few leakers in jail as a means of breaking up the Deep State, but he can do it.

This guy will outwork all of his enemies. Already, we see his staff, the media, the world struggling to keep up and that may turn out to be President Trump’s secret sauce.

Rats 3 trap

Deep State operative who got the cheese but who wasn’t fast enough to avoid the trap.

In the meantime, back here on Planet Earth where the rest of us live, things will get a little weird. Believe nothing. Question everything. Be politely skeptical. Master Occam’s Razor. Pray nightly. Floss. Our country is at a crossroads and we need this to work.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know? I’m just a Big Red Car and I am not a member of the Deep State.cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png


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  1. So is John McCain part of the visible Dark Deep Government? He seems to enjoy the “maverick” title given to him by the media. I enjoy that the GOP is a party of ideas (many bad) and not lock step talking points but let’s get this out in the open, debate and change hearts and minds rather than hide and play espionage games, cloak and dagger crap

  2. He was so amazing today at the press conference. He was utterly masterful. It felt like the voice of the American people was speaking. His hope for good relations with Russia was so sincere and I think he’s going to really going to pull it off. Yes, he bashed the media relentlessly, but he was fair about it. Yes, if HRC was handed the debate questions, she should have come forward. And I don’t care what side you’re on, if you don’t consider that crooked, you don’t know what integrity is. Yes, if DJT underhandedly took the questions, well, we know what would have happened. But he’s too smart for that. Today quite different from what an HRC press conference would be like, no? We elected the best candidate!

    • .
      The Force is strong with you, Grasshopper.

      Everybody seems to miss that Russia is a very small country. Twice the land mass of the US and half the population but less than ten percent of the GDP and more than half of it is energy.

      The relative size of their economy is their Achilles heel.

      I bet Pres Trump understands the relative sizes — big hands — and is not afraid to increase the ante. That is exactly what Reagan did to break the bank.

      The Russians want a “sphere of influence” and NATO has pushed against that sphere of influence. Why did we ever let Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania into NATO? Nuts. I don’t want to go to war (Article 5, the Atlantic Charter) over a country that has less than 5,000 men under arms.

      These are not strategic allies. They offer nothing.

      The only thing that makes Russia relevant is their nuclear arsenal. If they didn’t have nukes, they would be Italy.

      The G7 (US, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Japan) has a GDP of $36T while Russia is down in the $1.3T range down from a 2013 GDP of $2.2T.

      Russia is in economic and financial peril at a time when they are trying to be a big swinging hammer (cleaned up for he audience). This is why Putin rides around without his shirt on.


      • Why did we ever let Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania into NATO? Nuts.

        Gee, I believe I should like Latvia: The janitor at Mom’s Episcopalian church was an immigrant from Latvia. There he had been a successful banker, bright guy, nice guy, terrific socially, knew lots of languages, seemed to know English perfectly.

        At the time I was in high school trying to learn French and failing at it. In college, I did well with German from a teacher who taught in order reading, speaking, and writing — worked great for me. In high school the teacher taught French in the order writing, reading, and speaking almost not at all — tough for me then, and now I would again use the order reading, speaking, then writing.

        My brother had done well with French from the same high school teacher but didn’t offer to help me. My father had done well with French in college, e.g., read Les Misérables in the original French, but also didn’t offer to help me.

        The struggles with French are one reason I did well with math: I wanted to do well at something, and I could, and did, teach myself math enough to be one of the best, maybe the best, in the school, a high end high school, largely ignoring the math teachers.

        The guy from Latvia at Mom’s church offered to help me with French, but I was too embarrassed to accept his help. I should have and then learned a LOT more about people, countries, cultures, politics, etc. My parents should have encouraged that, but they didn’t.

        My father in law in Indiana sponsored a couple from Latvia. Soon the husband died. The wife did amazing things with dough, onions, pork fat, beef stock, beef and, in various pastries, chocolate. She described my role with my wife as “Spank, spank, kiss, kiss” — wisdom of central Europe!

        I can like Lithuania if only because IIRC Elina Garancas as in Camille Saint Saens “Mon coeur s’ouvre à ta voix” from Samson et Dalila.


        was raised and trained in Lithuania.

        For the point about NATO, sure, the first view is that NATO is to keep Russia from invading Europe.

        While I can agree with that view, I also have what is apparently an additional non-standard view of the flip side: NATO keeps the fundamentally unstable Europe of many countries from having one or a few of those countries go wacko and attack more or less single country Russia.

        Europe tries to be the United States of Europe, but they fall over their own bureaucratic bloat and hypersensitive, socialistic political correctness and lose it. So, Europe remains fundamentally unstable.

        The Baltic Sea looks like maybe a nice place to visit: So, have the Baltic countries to visit. IIRC, early in his career, R. Wagner conducted orchestras there, e.g., in Riga. Then on the NW side of the Baltic Sea are the Scandinavian countries — lots of pretty, blond girls! Also supposedly the Swedish Bikini Team!

        Apparently at the NE end of the Baltic Sea is Saint Petersburg with a big art gallery and the Kirov Ballet in the Mariinsky Theatre as in The Nutcracker as at

        Best performance of that I’ve seen — big Christmas present.

      • I am one of those who missed just how small Russia is. Never realized that without the nukes, they are Italy.

        I think that they respectfully adore Trump. They like his strength, style, and in a tribal sort of way, they know who’s boss and who has the real power. Maybe throw in some billionaire, old white guy respect too. Putin probably wishes that he had the cajonies to work a press conference like Trump did. If they are smart, they will bend their knee and really dig for a mutually beneficial relationship.

        Trump knows his power. And Putin dam well knows that he knows.

        It’s all going to work out, I just know it.

  3. So, when taking over an existing organization, need to get the subordinates loyal and let go the disloyal ones. Heck, no doubt the Roman generals 2000 years ago and many generals, kings, prime ministers, etc. since also had to do that. Maybe how to do that is a well known art?

    Heck, I’ve wondered how Trump did so well managing his many properties around the world: To do that he had to solve loyalty along with many other problems. A guess is that he knows how to get the rats out of the buildings and off the ships or can learn a little more quickly.

    Security has long been a biggie in the US Federal Government. E.g., it has been crucial to stop leaks not just to newsies but to foreign spies and governments.

    For some of the leaks of information so far from the Trump Administration, the number of people authorized to have that information is small. So, the rat is there among just a few people.

    So, sure, no doubt people trying to solve this problem before saw a way: Have Joe, Tom, Dick, and Harry; that’s four suspects. So, have Trump himself cough up four instances of some really hot news, highly classified, and give one instance to each of the four suspects, for “their eyes only”. Then lean back and read the NYT and WaPo and watch the MSM stations, see what leaked, and discover the rat(s). There have to be many such techniques.

    • ,
      A peek under the tent would show a lot of transcripts — written words — coming from NSA phone intercepts. That is where the control is lost.

      The second that set of words is digitized over at the NSA, it can be sent anywhere. One place it goes is to the CIA who then distributes to the appropriate “compartments” and various “desks.”

      Once the State Dept or DOD or WH compartment gets the transcript or the Russian Desk at CIA or the Russian Desk at State, there is no control of anything.

      Snowden walked out with a bunch of these raw docs. Not “appreciations” which are the analysis of such raw material, but actual raw intercepts. The guy was a systems engineer, not a spook. He was able to copy that stuff to flash drives.

      No, the second a phone intercept is digitized, it is game, set, match and nobody can get that toothpaste back into the tube.


      • That situation is worse and more complicated than I was addressing.

        For a fix, first would be to have a chat with the NSA guy, right, the one the head of the big collection of buildings a few long tee shots east from Laurel, MD where my wife and I used to live. In those days, in that area, on the way home from work, going up a long hill, I used to check out my Camaro and its full throttle shift from 2nd to 3rd — right at 100 MPH!

        Step 1: Get the NSA guy and make it clear that he will under no circumstances tap the phone of the POTUS without specific, prior, written, signed instructions from the POTUS. Uh, IIRC, the POTUS is the Commander in Chief, and the NSA is in the Executive Branch.

        Step 2: The head of the NSA is to mount a leaks effort within the NSA.

        For what Snowden did, that showed that the NSA’s computing super experts were drooling fools: Snowden was just a Booz-Allen-Hamilton temporary contract employee, bottom level worker bee, computer systems administrator. That he had such easy access to the crown jewels of the NSA is outrageous. Grotesque incompetence. That he long got away with getting a huge variety of information is worse — the NSA system was designed by idiots, i.e., with poor compartmentalization. That there was no routine checking for such leaks was also brain dead — when I was in DC, any office in any shop with classified information had some special file cabinets, thick steel wall, lined with concrete, a bit too heavy to move, withstand any usual hand tools, etc., and those cabinets were to be used. Each night the office was swept by inspecting trash, desk contents, etc. looking for any classified information. They were thinking paper, but computer systems need at least something similar.

        So, the NSA needs to plug leaks in their organization. This leak stopping should include generating a LOT of false information intended to detect leaks.

        Step 3: Call in the head of Langley, i.e., the CIA, and read him the riot act to do leak stopping there.

        Step 4: You mean to say that there people in the State Department permitted to play with computers, are trusted with information more serious than meatloaf recipes? Looks like Tillison needs to cut that off and let it bleed. What the heck was it, 90+% of the State Department employees contributed to Hillary’s campaign? We have the actual list, right? Okay, now that we have the list, time for a RIF. or in DC terms, reduction in force, and we have just the list we need.

        There is the principle need to know, and no way do any desks in Foggy Bottom need to know anything confidential the POTUS said without specific exception.

        Generally any rats in DC need to come to understand that anything they touch might be toxic, that is, false information intended to detect leaks, etc.

        E.g., for the IRS, send in a lot of applications for tax free status from organizations that look like they are against motherhood and apple pie and for everything seditious and wildly politically incorrect, then string up the relevant person at IRS if the applications are not approved.

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