Deep Eddy Vodka

Big Red Car here. Happy Mother’s Day, y’all! Nothing says Mother’s Day like vodka?

Haha, well, maybe not but it could, why not?

Down the road toward Dripping Springs (take the left fork at the Y at Oak Hill), you will find the Deep Eddy Vodka Distillery. It is the home of . . . Deep Eddy Vodka.

If you haven’t had some flavored DEV, stop and go get some right now. You will love it.

The Deep Eddy folk are second generation wine/spirits folks who live in the same neighborhood as The Boss.

At their facility on the edge of the Hill Country, you can buy a couple of bottles (but only every thirty days, who makes these freakin’ rules?) of vodka.

They have a lovely facility at which you can buy bottles of vodka and sample some of it.

You can also buy “stuff” from the Deep Eddy Vodka Princess of Stuff. [Advice: do not cross her. You will regret it, if you do.]

She will sell you whatever you need.

Deep Eddy uses south Texas corn and Hill Country water — damn good water. They have a column distillation process rather than a batch process. It is high tech, y’all.

The grounds are lovely and you can take your drinks outside and drink in a bit of the Hill Country.



The design is old Texas Hill Country chic and looks like Johnson City, Blanco, Wimberley or Fredericksburg stone work. Enjoy.

If you want to learn more about Deep Eddy Vodka, go get a bottle — I, the Big Red Car, recommend the grapefruit flavored variety — and check out their website¬†

Tell Ruby the Big Red Car sent you.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Happy Mother’s Day, y’all!








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  1. My daughter asked for that specifically for her graduation. I had never heard of it. Only knew of Tito’s. Is Austin the new Vodka capital of America? Do you have a lot of Russians there?

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