Strategy, President-elect Trump

Big Red Car here with some observations as it relates to strategy and President-elect Trump. I am trying to ration my political commentary to allow the man to actually be inaugurated but I did want to note something that I think is being overlooked. Bear with me, if you can. … Continue reading

Convertible Debt

Big Red Car here.  Well, it's cold and raw here in the ATX.  Not convertible weather which gets me thinking about a different type of convertible --- convertible debt. The Boss received several questions as to when and how convertible debt would be used by a startup.  This explanation will … Continue reading

Vision Clarity

Big Red Car here.  Been a bit lazy lately what with The Boss out of town and the house sitter running me ragged.  I love the house sitter because he works me like a rented mule and keeps company with some very attractive young ladies.  He has an outstanding vision of how things ought to be with … Continue reading