Fixing Your Head in the North Carolina Mountains

Big Red Car here. The Boss has been in the North Carolina mountains for a little while and he left his computer off, so I couldn’t write to y’all. Sorry.

Now I’m back on line and can get back to visiting.

Let’s talk about the North Carolina mountains — that patch of beauty out there in far western North Carolina right next to Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina.

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Blood Suckers Alert

Big Red Car here.  Bit sunny here in the ATX and going to be 103F today.  Going to be over 100F for the rest of August — bring it, Mothah Nature, bring it.

But it is only 18 days until the first Longhorn football game on 31 August v New Mexico State.  Of course, it is a night game and should only be 98F by 7:00 PM.  Those boys from the New Mexico will have no problem handling the heat, Mothah Nature has not been cutting them any slack this summer.

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Hardee’s — does sex sell hamburgers?

Big Red Car here.  Well, SXSW is winding down and Austin is just beginning to recover.  It was a great time.  Austin only has one Hardee’s hamburger joint and The Boss does in fact eat there from time to time.

But does The Boss eat more hamburgers because of those sexy hamburger ads?  And does sex sell burgers and charbroiled cod?

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Does anyone in Washington really know how to balance a checkbook? Manage finances?

Big Red Car here.

Nice weather in the ATX and I am thinking I might just get a chance to hit the road today.

The Boss has already taken my top down but that may be just to dry me out a bit.  We shall see.  Cold here.

The Boss was up early and had some breakfast tacos.  He is always in a good mood after breakfast tacos.  But not today. Continue reading