Front Line Report SXSW

Big Red Car here reporting on SXSW from the front lines in ATX.  First, yes, the weather here today was gorgeous:  85F, clear skies, light winds, SUNSCREEN, ya’ll!

So the Big Red Car received some questions from the 250,000 hipsters, geeks and nerds roaming Austin as part of SXSW. Continue reading


On Earth as it is in Texas! Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Big Red Car here.   When you live in Austin, Texas it is pretty damn hard to be humble.  Folks just love it here.   I know I do.

Blue bird day today.  Going out for a ride and to get some coffee as soon as I finish this little blog post.

Folks like living in Texas and why not?  The living is good and the secret is out.

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Pitching, Hard Fast and Tight

Big Red Car here.

So I finally got to run a bit yesterday because the sun was out though it was a bit crisp all day.  This morning I got to get up very early and go for coffee at Austin Java on Windsor.

The Boss was meeting a young video entrepreneur and he agreed to do a deal with him.  I like the idea of The Boss getting back into the deal business.  This one will be fun.

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