Beclowning the Presidency

Big Red Car here in the 66F early morning looking for a few clouds and an 84F high. Ahhh, the last vestiges of winter are very nice in the ATX. [What does beclowning mean, Big Red Car? Forget the weather report, beclowning?]

So, enroute to the morning news shows and then church the Big Red Car is torn by the current nature of the American presidency and the hunt for the next President.

It is only eight months until election day. It is happening, y’all. New President, y’all. Can’t wait!

We are engaged in what can only be described as a circus of a primary season. Netflix is complaining that their viewership is being diverted to the media coverage of the campaign.

Others are just adapting and getting into clown costumes to go with the flow. [Who says Hillary won’t do anything to get elected?]

Hillary clown nose pic

Where are we right now, Big Red Car?

Where we are, dear reader, is that the current occupant of the White House is on a final goodbye tour of the world and is “dancing with dictators” which is a smashup of going to baseball games with dictators, doing the wave with fellas whose hands are dripping in blood, doing the tango with tarts, and getting ready to go to Hiroshima to apologize to the Japanese for not having the entire fleet lying at anchor in Pearl Harbor when they came calling some 75 years ago. Luckily, our President and the Emperor are on good terms and he likes it when the President bows to him, no?

In addition, we have a global terrorism problem the White House has decided to ignore (do not say radical Islamic terrorists, y’all), an immigration problem that is beyond belief, an Obamacare program which even the Democrats now admit is a disaster, racial unrest ankle deep and rising, and a foreign policy that has confused the world and emboldened our enemies.

Small things — all time highs in dependencies, virtually no net job creation for eight years, an enormous decline in the labor force as people, literally, give up in their quest to find a job.

That mess — the beclowning of the American presidency — is the job everyone is running to fix.

There is something pathetic about the Democratic candidates telling us how great everything is and how Hillary is going to be the Third Obama Term of office while simultaneously lecturing the electorate on all the broken stuff they intend to fix.

Who broke it all? Wasn’t it the Obama administration? Why would we want more of that beclowning?

Who is gonna fix this stuff, Big Red Car?

The campaign is now down to Dopey, Sleazy, Braggy, and Whiny. That’s Bernie, Hillary, Donald, and Teddy (Lying Ted if you’re keeping score at home.)

Donald is taking a pounding from his opponents, his party, the GOPe, the media, the punditry, the newspapers, and the English Parliament. Meanwhile, he is leading in the delegate count by a wide margin. The Big Red Car is buoyed by the sheer magnitude of the onslaught while Trump manages to keep it together (credit Melania?) even if it is a broken shoe lace.

Still, even The Donald is not truly happy. Here’s the rich old white boy’s sad face. [[BTW, I haven’t heard him say he’s “rich” recently, you don’t think…..?]

Trump unhappy face

The GOPe is plotting and planning to deny Trump the nomination for a myriad of reasons; all of which make sense to them because they are in the business of putting forth candidates who are guaranteed to lose. It is what they do. And, do well. Ask Presidents McCain and Romney.

Now, they even want to parachute in Congressman Paul Ryan. Perhaps, they’ve forgotten he had a run at the VP thing and wasn’t even able to deliver his own state? Or that VP Biden whipped him like a rented mule in their debate? Or that he rolled over, let President Obama scratch his belly, and delivered the entire Obama agenda with full funding including Planned Parenthood? Great guy, no doubt, but a loser nonetheless.

But, then, that is what the GOPe is all about, no? Nominating losers.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car — beclowning?

We have a clown for a President and we are conducting a circus act primary season to find the nominees for his succession. The President gets full credit for almost wrecking the country and the GOPe and the DEMe get credit for the primary three rings.

The American people?

Y’all get some popcorn because the best stuff hasn’t happened yet. The DEMe is going to pretend to decide between a 74-year old Communist and a 69-year old congenital liar who is adept at dodging sniper fire. [This is the choice the Millennials want, no? The folks who are going to get them out of their parents’ basement, no?]

The GOPe will — WILL — decide who the Republicans get. [Oh, it’s so charming when you pout. You actually did think your vote in the primary mattered. So charming.]

Meanwhile, the media, the punditry, the newspapers, the Democrats, the liberals, the kooks, and the GOPe will continue to pound on The Donald until he is so beaten you will be able to see through him. Like a well pounded cutlet. So transparent.

In the meantime, please pass the popcorn. What kind of butter is that, anyway?

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Be kind to yourself cause nobody else is going to be.cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png


3 thoughts on “Beclowning the Presidency

  1. BRC you mention the moment in the last election that defined strategy for the Donald in this one. Paul Ryan tried to debate policy with crazy uncle Joe but failed as the big grouper acted out interrupting, sighing, yelling. Sounds like Donalds media strategy? It works! We all like drama, perhaps that is why Netflicks is loosing share of eyeballs as the real life crazy is on CNN and you don’t need to binge watch it is on 24/7!
    I have been thinking sports team rebuild though. Perhaps our system is not able to rebuild without a few crash years. Repairs over rebuilds do not seem to work on either side of the isle. How does it shift back to ideas and away from personalities? Large companies can shift CEOs and change but when that works the CEO often sheds divisions or re-charters the entire organization.
    What would that look like for a President?

    • .
      Good points all.

      We are way overdue for a huge disruption in all things political as well as a serious look at how we pick our nominees.

      I am not nearly as poorly educated and ill-informed as I plead but I am more than willing to admit that I did not realize how arcane and corrupt the Republican nominating process truly is.

      In the end, it will be better as any candidate in the future will know the drill.

      The issues that we are confronted with are so desperate that we will have to work them out or we will, literally, fail as a country.

      This is not an election sentiment but, rather, the cumulative impact of a couple of very troubled and failed presidencies.


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