Barack Obama (professor, speechifyer) ===== Ted Cruz (preacher, debater)

Big Red Car here in the rainy ATX waiting on the 85F – 90F come Sunday and Monday.

So, the Big Red Car has an odd admission to make — the Big Red Car has always liked listening to Barack Obama’s speeches. Yes, dear reader, even when they’re bat shit crazy, the Big Red Car has loved the craft of the BHO’s speechifying.

Weaned the Big Red Car is on the content which is totally meaningless.

The Big Red Car also used to like the debate style speeches of Ted Cruz but, alas, that is over.

Now, both President Barack Obama and Senator Ted Cruz are tedious and painful to listen to but, ahhhh, once upon a time.

Barack Obama, professor and speechifyer

The President is a natural professor imparting his view of things in an academic manner. Beneath it is the condescension of an Harvard educated elitist. Face it, he’s smarter than you. Listen and he will tell you.

Remember “Hope & Change”? That proves he’s smarter than you. You voted for a slogan.

Of course what has really happened is that when there is a crisis we don’t get a solution, we get a speech. Often an angry speech.

Recently these speeches have been more than a little off the mark like when the teary-eyed President embarrassed himself by not knowing how the purchase of guns on the Internet actually worked or that the ATF had nothing, NOTHING, to do with background checks for weapons buying.

Then, of course, he likes to tell us to “eat our peas” — something one, Mr. Donald Trump would never say. He’d say, “Eat your Trump Steaks.”

Ted Cruz, preacher and debater

Ted Cruz projects the voice of God himself in his conviction that if we will just turn the country over to another totally inexperienced, low mileage Senator — you may remember seeing THAT movie before — with no executive experience whatsoever things will be just fine because he will spend a lot of time praying for us.

He comes by his preachy obnoxiousness honestly as his father is a preacher.

An interview with Ted Cruz is not so much a Q & A session as it is a debate conference.

What you get with Ted — Princeton and Harvard — is a second helping of that Ivy League elitist disdain.

He said yesterday: “Listen, Donald does well with voters who have relatively low information, who are not that engaged and who are angry and they see him as an angry voice.”

Of course, Donald has said: “I love the poorly educated.”

Bottom line it, Big Red Car


It is a dangerous minefield in which to bounce a basketball.

The way that people speak to you is an indicator of their leadership tone. It is a precursor to their leadership style.

Let’s not buy a second helping of this shit. [Sorry, not really.]

This time around, let’s elect someone who has actually run something and has the bruises to prove it. Big Red Car wants someone who has tried things and failed because when you succeed on the heels of failure it makes you tough and resolute and experienced.

Let’s not turn the country into another OJT (on the job training) exercise whereat we pay the price for the tutelage.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a 50-year old Big Red Car who has seen this freakin’ movie before and didn’t like the plot, the characters, or the denouement. Be good to yourself cause you deserve it.

3 thoughts on “Barack Obama (professor, speechifyer) ===== Ted Cruz (preacher, debater)

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    The little people are tired of inexperienced, low mileage Senators who have never run a lemonade stand.

    We are tired of being lectured, admonished, denigrated, and debated to.

    We want a freakin’ real leader. Someone who has tried, failed, succeeded and has the wounds to show for it.

    We have seen this movie before and the plot, characters, and denouement suck.


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