Austin, Texas — why are all these people moving here?

Big Red Car here.  Yes, it is boringly the best time of year in the ATX.  Sigh.  We’ve got it so good that I am embarrassed for myself.

On Earth as it is in Austin by God Texas, ya’ll.

One of the crown jewels of Austin is Town Lake.

Great cities have great parks and public spaces

Austin has Town Lake.

New York City has Central Park.

Town Lake flows through Austin.  It is the Colorado River dammed at various places to make a more placid and delightful body of water.  There is a wonderful walking, jogging, bike riding, people watching trail around a portion of Town Lake as it makes its way through the urban core of Austin.  It has taken years to get to where it is and where it is is pretty damn good.

Here is where the outflow from Barton Springs connects to Town Lake.  Notice the clear, clean, cold water and the fish.  There are Rainbow Trout in this cold water.  [The rainbow trout part is a lie.  The Boss likes to tell people that but it is NOT true.  But, hey, it’s cold enough and it could be true.]  Google Barton Springs.  Better yet, come swim in it.

The recreation on Town Lake is impressive.  Two or three rowing, kayaking, canoeing locations.  May be as many as four.  We even have a rental bike concession.

Along the trail, you can find baseball games and wildflowers.

The wildflowers are already in bloom.

There are seating areas along the trail.  This is a Century plant The Boss has seen in bloom in his lifetime.

The Town Lake trail is made for walking and folks are walking on nice days like today.  This trail was made for walking………

If you haven’t smelled the wisteria yet this year, then come on down to Austin, Texas, ya’ll.  Tell them the Big Red Car sent you.  Nothing like a cute red head and a black lab.


There are several pedestrian bridges which cross Town Lake.  Here at the end of one of the pedestrian bridges is a cluster of residential development which did not exist just a few years ago.  There are eight new residential projects in this picture.  On the other side of the closest buildings is the world headquarters and flagship store of Whole Foods, an Austin success story.

When YOU move here, YOU can live in one of these buildings.  Hey, it could happen.  It could.

Austin is Town Lake and Town Lake is Austin.  Now, all that is missing is YOU.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.




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      There is nothing in the world like Charleston. The fact that C’ton is waterlocked makes its size constant and lovely. I came within a gnats eye lash of moving there last winter. I love Charleston.

      Have you seen that reality show about Charleston? It’s a hoot. Can’t remember the name. Might be Southern Charm.

      There is a kind of men’s clothing you cannot get anywhere other than Charleston.

      The jambalaya at 82 Queen is the best in the world.


      • BRC, you’ve covered more turf than your odometer suggest. 82 Queen has been a standard for many years. Most of their cuisine is locally grown or harvested. Next time you’re there, make a reservation to dine at Hank’s. You may run into one of their regulars: Daryl Hall.

        A lot of that fashion style emanates from Ben Silver. You will enjoy their website:

        Southern Charm has a lot of local color to work with. Thomas Ravenel was our up and coming State Treasurer. We had him speak at our school’s graduation. Shortly after that, he was arraigned on drug use.

        Make it a regular stop. I love it too, BRC. Number 1 son lives there.

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