Tumblr Tumbled

It is obligatory to write something about Tumblr in the blogosphere or "they" will hack your site, and crash it. The Big Red Car doesn't want that to happen, so here goes. It is a curious case, this Tumblr story. With apologies to Charlie Dickens. "It was the best of times, it was the worst … Continue reading

Failing v Quitting

Yesterday, somebody sent me a link to the formal ritual whereby the freshmen/women (called "Rats") of the Virginia Military Institute are pried loose from their parents' loving arms and deposited with a third class corporal to be whipped into hard men and women during four demanding years at the … Continue reading

Woke American Capitalism

Yesterday marks the day when American capitalism took a crack at being "woke" when the Business Roundtable redefined the role of the American corporation in the "new" America we live in today. In the past (1997), the Business Roundtable thought "...the paramount duty of management and boards is … Continue reading