VC Frat Boy Bad Behavior

Frat boy bad behavior? Big Red Car here getting ready to unload on venture capitalists who engage in or tolerate frat boy, bro-culture, bad behavior in their firms and in the firms they fund. Let's cite examples, shall we? Take the case of one Justin Caldbeck, formerly a co-founder of … Continue reading

Zelle — The Empire Strikes Back

Zelle? WTF is Zelle, Big Red Car? You got some 'splaining to do, Big Red. Big Red Car here on the edge of a new dawn in the ATX. [Drama queen is the Big Red Car.] One of my favorite notions is the idea that a startup "disrupts" a legacy industry or business and then expects the legacy old … Continue reading

Razors — Attracting Lightning

Razors, Big Red Car? OK, Big Red Car here talking about when a successful small company competing with a bigger company attracts the attention of the bigger company and the bigger company takes action. Big Red Car, what are you talking about? OK, it's about the razor business and entails … Continue reading