Beclowning the Presidency

Big Red Car here in the 66F early morning looking for a few clouds and an 84F high. Ahhh, the last vestiges of winter are very nice in the ATX. [What does beclowning mean, Big Red Car? Forget the weather report, beclowning?]

So, enroute to the morning news shows and then church the Big Red Car is torn by the current nature of the American presidency and the hunt for the next President.

It is only eight months until election day. It is happening, y’all. New President, y’all. Can’t wait!

We are engaged in what can only be described as a circus of a primary season. Netflix is complaining that their viewership is being diverted to the media coverage of the campaign.

Others are just adapting and getting into clown¬†costumes to go with the flow. [Who says Hillary won’t do anything to get elected?]

Hillary clown nose pic

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The Curious Reality of the Minimum Wage

Big Red Car here on a glorious ATX day. On Earth as it is in Texas, y’all.¬†Today, we turn our focus on the minimum wage.

The current Federal minimum wage is $7.25/hour.

Individual states may have legislation setting another standard within their states. As an example, California has a $10.00/hour minimum wage which will increase to $15.00/hour by 1 January 2022 (1 Jan 2023 for businesses with 25 or fewer employees). Thereafter, it increases annually with inflation and the Governor of California may suspend increases if economic conditions suggest such a course of action is prudent.

Note that for all of California’s goofiness, it takes six years to get to $15.00/hour.

You may be tempted to suggest that the new California law feels like a head fake. Maybe so?

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Democracy v Delegates

Big Red Car here on the morning after a shellacking by Ted Cruz on Donald Trump in Wisconsin. Well played, Lying Ted.

Lying Ted took 36 delegates while Bombastic Donald was left with table scraps of 6 delegates. Donald can’t be happy with that, can he? Hell, he even brought Melania to stump for him. Strong. Very strong!

All this talk of delegates. I thought we were a democracy and just “electing” a nominee. Right? Hey, Big Red Car, right?

Haha, so charming you are. Let me catch my breath and carsplain this to y’all.

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All Hail Villanova!

Big Red Car here licking my wounds at the defeat of my beloved Tarheels.

Jay Wright, coach of Villanova, apparently had not read the script wherein the Tarheels were to be anointed the National Champions. Instead, Villanova, the Villanova Wildcats, took the championship in what was a brilliantly planned and executed gameplan.

All hail Villanova!

Villanova logo

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Hook ’em, Heels!

Big Red Car here revealing himself as the most ardent Tarheels fan in the state of Texas. Yes!

Tonight the Heels play Villanova for the national championship in Houston. The Boss and the Big Red Car will NOT be there because the game is more easily followed on a big, flat screen television like the one in The Boss’s gameroom.

The Boss will be rooting for the Heels because he always roots for the Heels except he also roots for the Longhorns when they used to have a football team but that’s a story for another day.

Tarheels logo

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