“I’ve Got A Bad Feeling”

Big Red Car here on a lovely Saturday morning (actually it’s drizzling). That time of the morning when the leaves in the driveway are scurrying to wherever leaves scurry to running in front of the morning breeze. I like to stretch and yawn and think.

Oh, shit, there is a tech wreck upon us and it is going to be ugly on an ape.

Slow down, Big Red Car, slow down, big fella. It can’t be that bad. Can it? Continue reading


Adaptability — Breaking in Corcoran Jump Boots, a Metaphor for CEOs — Adapt

Big Red Car here. It’s going to be 70F and sunny in the ATX. How about where you live?

I bet you would like our Texas winter season. Sorry, the Big Red Car can get really obnoxious at times like this. I hate myself for it sometimes. Sunscreen!

So, The Boss and I were talking to a CEO who was having trouble with a change that was forced upon him. Struggling really.

The Boss told him, “Adapt and drive on.”

The CEO made a face. “Adapt?” Continue reading


Earned Media v SuperPACs

Big Red Car here, y’all. Going to be a nice day here in the ATX — 68F and sunny with a few clouds.

This is winter, y’all, ATX style.

So, the Big Red Car has been watching the primaries. Interesting stuff, no?

Tonight the top seven Republicans square off in North Charleston to continue thinning the herd. You going to watch?

This primary season has been dominated by one guy, that guy, the Trump guy. But why? Why Big Red Car?

EARNED MEDIA, y’all. Earned media. Continue reading


Being President v Being Right

Big Red Car here on the verge of the SOU (State of the Union) speech by the President. The guy gives a damn good speech, right?

Harry Truman is famously said to have uttered: “I’d rather be President than be right.”

Haha, dear readers, Harry actually said, “I’d rather be right than President.”

Sorry, that was the Big Red Car spoofing y’all. Won’t happen again.

President Truman also said, “You have to know the facts.”

Our current President, must subscribe to the first form because the other day he told some whoppers in regard to the gun control/confiscation/demonization debate. Continue reading


WTF — What The Frack? Oil Prices 12 Year Low

Big Red Car here in the crisp, sunny, loveliness that is the ATX — on Earth as it is in Texas, y’all!

Right to it. Oil prices, twelve year low.

The Big Red Car has been beating the drum about oil prices for almost six months –“Going to $30/barrel and will touch $20/barrel on the way. Biggest tax cut in American history.”

If the Big Red Car had a neck, it would be stretched way out there, y’all.

Oil hit a twelve year low yesterday and is headed lower still. Continue reading


Big Red Car, Who Wins the National Championship?

Big Red Car here fielding questions like the one above. It is a burden knowing the stuff the Big Red Car knows.

Here it is, y’all.

The Tide rolls. The Tide rolls big time beating Clemson University like a rented mule. Rented mules everywhere say, “Yep. I can feel your pain.”

Tide rolls and wins by 21 points making it look surprisingly easy. Roll Tide!

Nick Saban smiles for 11 minutes and 14 seconds whereafter he starts recruiting for next year.

The University of Texas tries to hire him and he says, “If you rename Austin after me, I’ll consider it.”

The University Texas approaches the legislature who say, “No way!”

The City of Austin renames Lady Bird Johnson Lake —– wait on it —– “Nickie Bird Saban Lake” to which Nick Satan responds, “Not good enough.”

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Roll Tide!


Show Time v Go Time

Big Red Car here. Brrrrrr, winter in the ATX is cold, y’all. It is 33F headed to 54F. This is winter. Of course, it’s going to be sunny because it is Texas after all.

So The Boss is talking to a couple of brilliant CEO entrepreneurs and he says to one of them, “You have to know when show time becomes go time.”

The CEO, who is brilliant, says, “What does that mean?”

The Boss ‘mansplains it to him. If you are around The Boss for any length of time, you will hear him say, “Get in the moment. Stay in the moment. Make something happen. Now.” Continue reading


Teams, Subteams, Relationships — For CEOs Only

Big Red Car here. Brrrr, it was cold yesterday. It is a single digit above freezing here in the ATX — what is going on, Mothah Nature?

OK, this is winter. Going to be 52F today and sunny but still, 33F on a Sunday morning? Don’t panic, Big Red Car, you can do this. Bit of brie with that whine?

So, The Boss is on a rant with a couple of CEOs who are talking up “team building.” Boring! Boring! [Big Red Car, shut up, please. Sorry.]

So what’s all the chatter about? Let me mansplain it to y’all, may I? Mothah Nature, may I? Continue reading