Let’s Cut the Crap About — Solving Problems in the Middle East

Big Red Car here. Nice day in the ATX. Lousy day in the Middle East. How does it become a little better?

There is a sense at the highest levels of our government that the Middle East is like a self sealing tire — the hole is going to fix itself if we just keep rolling along.

That is nuts. Sorry. Today is a day for straight talk. Continue reading


Good v Evil — Focus on the Good

Big Red Car here on a lazy Sunday morning. Up too late last night with the house sitter. Do not tell The Boss or my new paint job may be at risk.

The Boss says that what we think about, we talk about. You know where this is going, right?

What we talk about, we act upon. What we act upon defines our character and our lives are driven by our character.

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House/Senate Republicans Denied Access to Men’s Rooms

Big Red Car here. The Boss is in the ‘Boat sliding down the slopes with little sticks attached to his big feet. Why? Why, Boss?

Meanwhile, here in the ATX, me and the house sitter are enjoying the 65F sunny weather with the top down. Haha. Do not tell The Boss.

So, in a surprise announcement the House and the Senate Republicans were caught flat footed when the Capitol police informed them that they would no longer be allowed to use the men’s rooms in the Capitol and the Capitol Complex. Continue reading


Frugal — Are You Frugal?

Big Red Car here and for the first time I’ve gotten a little of the Christmas spirit. Hard to do when it’s 75F but that’s the ATX. On Earth as it is in Texas, y’all!

So The Boss had an interesting experience the other day that drove home a good lesson in . . . . . frugality. Frugal. Let it roll off your tongue. Frugal.

Huh, Big Red Car?

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Waging Grown Up War v ISIS — Can We Do It?

Big Red Car here on what is going to be another great Texas day, y’all! Why are you not living in Texas? Big Red Car is saving a place for you.

Come on down!

OK, it’s only going to get to 70F today and there is a chance of rain but still!

What kind of war should we be waging against ISIS? — somebody asked the Big Red Car. Continue reading


Tapping Into Fear — Trump

Big Red Car here in the ATX on another glorious day. Going to be 75F and sunny. Yawn. On Earth as it is in Texas.

So, The Donald has created another controversy with his call for a “temporary” ban on Muslims entering the United States.

Apparently, many folks are troubled by this. Of course, we are living in troubled times, no? So what are we to make of it? Continue reading


The Huge Oil Tax Cut

Big Red Car here on what promises to be another day in paradise. On Earth as it is in Heaven! [Haha, just checking to see if you’re paying attention. You know it’s supposed to be — On Earth as it is in Texas!]

Did you know you are getting a huge tax cut? Yes, you are and it’s going to be grand. It already is and right in time for Christmas. Continue reading


Let’s Cut the Crap About — the Military Capabilities of ISIS

Big Red Car here on a lovely Sunday morning in the ATX where it is going to be 75F and sunny later this afternoon. On Earth as it is in Texas, y’all.

Time for YOU to consider moving to Texas. I’ll take care of all the immigration admin if you want me to.

So The Boss is talking to a couple of his military buddies. Guys who served, as did The Boss, in elite military units and know which end of a rifle the bayonet goes on.

They have a very low opinion of the military prowess of ISIS.

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