The Physics of Business Process

Big Red Car here. Glorious day yesterday in the ATX. Going to be 70F and sunny today. Ahhh.

In business there is an element of physics — the study of matter and its motion through space and time — which shows up in the processes which any enterprise embraces.

Superior processes and capabilities result in superior outcomes. A process is a tool to automate the means of achieving a desired outcome. It is a tool when done well. Continue reading


American Sniper — PTSD, the Real Story

Big Red Car here. Last night The Boss takes me to see American Sniper starring Bradley Cooper as America’s most prolific sniper, SEAL Chris Kyle.

When the show is over and the lights come on, the theater has the feeling of the aftermath of a funeral. People are silent, awkward and tentative. Mourners filing out of church. The story is that powerful.

The last scene is the motorcade from the stadium in Arlington at which his funeral was held enroute to Austin where he was buried in the Texas State Cemetery where Texas heroes are laid to rest. It is hallowed ground and the men buried their built Texas — both literally and in the spirit that is uniquely Texas.

Chris Kyle is properly enshrined in the company of such men.

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Call to Action

Big Red Car here. Cold day in the ATX, feeling sorry for myself.

We know where the terrorists are being trained. We know the routes they take to get there. We can see their movement.

What are we waiting for? This is what is called a “call to action” wherein we find them, fix them and kill them. Time to interdict the travel pathways. Continue reading


Understanding Spies — Kim Philby and His Friends

Big Red Car here. Been reading a great book, A Spy Among Friends: Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal.

If you have any interest in learning how the spy game got started and has become what it is now, this is a required reading foundation book.

The book is all about relationships and friendships so you really don’t need to know anything about espionage to get the story.

It is also beautifully written and the story holds one’s attention like a Grisham novel. It is a true story. Continue reading


Founders, Co-founders — Maintaining Contact

Big Red Car here in the depths of winter in the ATX. Brrr, it is cold. It is 24F with a forecast high of 44F. That is frigid.

Sometimes the hot times of founding a startup can go from hot to frigid when co-founders evolve and life intrudes as it always does.

Today, we chat about that reality. Go get a cup of coffee and settle in. Continue reading