Veterans Day

Big Red Car here. The Boss is on the road again and is attending the Veterans Day parade in New York City while me and the housesitter are having our own little celebration. And why not?

The Boss has a funny view of things as it relates to being a Veteran. His Father, his Mother and he are all Veterans. His Father is 96 years old and is retired from the Army. So The Boss’s interest in the military is the family business kind of interest.

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The Republicans Did NOT Win the Election

Big Red Car here. Rained all night in the ATX but not as bad a night as it was for the Democrats who spent the night peeing on their own legs. Ouch!

The Republicans did not really win, the Democrats — especially President Obama — lost. The fury of the American voter was unleashed and, apparently, the American voter is very angry. This is why we have elections. Continue reading


Election Day is Tomorrow — VOTE

Big Red Car here. Brrrrrr, it’s cold here in the ATX. No it isn’t, it’s 60F with a high of 88F forecast for this afternoon. So tomorrow is Election Day across this great country of ours. Time for you, friend, to exercise the most precious right that men have died to provide you for over 200 years.

The President recently said this election is a referendum on his policies — perhaps one of the stupidest tactical utterances in the history of American electoral politics because his policies are not very popular. Continue reading