Legacy v startup cultures

Big Red Car here.  Nice, lovely crisp day in the ATX.  Going to be a beauty–move to Texas kind of wonderful.  But, hey, you already knew that.

So The Boss’s offspring are an investment banker and a startup graphic designer.  One foot in a legacy company wrestling with becoming a more timely enterprise and a startup going through adolescence.  Got The Boss thinking about evolving ways to run a business. Continue reading


CEOs — Stop the Self Flagellation

Big Red Car here.  Going to be 94F in the ATX today.  The first hot day is never a problem as you welcome the heat.  The Boss will be swimming today.  And why the Hell not?

So The Boss was looking through some Moleskine notebooks.  He keeps such a notebook for each and every one of his brilliant CEO clients.  He made some observations. Continue reading


World War III

Big Red Car here.  Nice weather all week in the ATX.  Bad situation getting worse in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

There are those students of history who will opine the seeds for World War II were planted when British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain announced on 30 September 1938 he and a fellow named Adolph Hitler had achieved “…peace in our time…” by their signing of the Munich Agreement.  The results thereafter would prove Chamberlain to be wrong, very wrong.  The world would be plunged into seven years of conflict culminating with the US unleashing nuclear weapons on the Japanese in 1945.

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Hire Slow, Fire Fast

Big Red Car here.  The Boss is still skiing in SBS but the season ends on Saturday.  Come home, Boss.  We miss ya!

[Not really because the Big Red Car and the house sitter are having a bang up time.  It’s Spring in Texas and the azaleas and bluebonnets are in bloom.  Life is good in the ATX.] Continue reading


Books On Tape and Road Trips

Big Red Car here.  Well, The Boss is up skiing again.  He is so easy.  The guys in Steamboat call and say “Hey, the snow is good.  You ought to come up and slide down the mountains with us.”

And that is all it takes for The Boss to take a road trip to the ‘Boat.  Finally the damn season will end in a week or so.  Two months skiing this year?  Really, Boss?

The Big Red Car is particularly vexed because this is prime convertible time.  Hey, Boss, let’s pay some damn attention to the Big Red Car.  Haha, it’s hard out there for a Big Red Car! Continue reading


Dangerous Inflection Points, the Turn to Final

Big Red Car here.  Bit cloudy and cool here this morning in the ATX, still Spring is in the air.  It is currently 72F and it will be 87F before the day is through.

So The Boss gets talking with a couple of venture capitalists and the conversation drifts toward “inflection points” or pivots and how to deal with them. Continue reading


Big Red Car Scores Exclusive Interview With President Barack Obama

Big Red Car here.  Wow, turns out the President is a regular reader of The Musings of the Big Red Car.

I asked him if he had a minute and we had a nice chat.  He’s not as tall in person as I thought but he was very gracious.  After the interview, we took a tour through Austin and stopped for some Q.  He said he had no money and I had to spring for the Q.  He said it was a new “tax”?

Anyway, here it is — the Big Red Car’s interview with President Obama. Continue reading