The Increasing Rate of Change

Big Red Car here.  The ATX is shining bright and the sun is out —- eeehaww!  Well, bit of overselling on the part of the Big Red Car as there a cloud deck at about 2,000 feet.  It is, however, 62F headed to 75F and when it is this warm this early that can only be a  good thing.

Just think — if YOU lived in the ATX, you would be warm, cozy and happy.  Of course, Chicago has its own merits.  [Haha.  STFU, Big Red Car.]

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Key Hiring Tips

Big Red Car here.  It’s right at 35F headed to 65F today.  Can’t wait for the sun to get into the game today.  [I’m tired of winter.  Hahahaha, Big Red Car, you don’t know about winter.  Those poor folks in the South are really suffering, so STFU already, Big Red Car.]

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Kung Pao Chicken State of the Union Speech

Big Red Car here and it is cold, cold, cold — 27F — here in the ATX.  Not to worry, going to be 70F tom’w.  [Big Red Car is hoping that damn forecast is right because it is cold.]

So I watched the President’s State of the Union speech last night.  It reminded me of kung pao chicken with brown rice.  I love kung pao chicken (shrimp and beef also).

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Radicals, Extremists

Tonight is the night, ya’ll.  The President is going to let us know the “state” of the Union.  Oh, boy.

I’m so excited that it is palpable. Hell, it’s cold here in the ATX — 30F right now and a bit drippy.  Roads are a bit icy.  Ugh.  But it’s going to be 70F on Thursday.

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The Power of Excellent Graphic Design

Big Red Car here.  Hey, it’s damn cold here in the ATX and we don’t like it.  Where the Hell is our global warming today, Alberto?

So The Boss is talking to his Perfect Daughter — graphic artist for a well known eCommerce company in Brooklyn — and they get on the subject of the quality of the graphic design of a couple of related websites.

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The State of the Union — things you will NOT hear

Big Red Car here.  Ahhh, 75F today and The Boss was out walking the Town Lake Trail in the warm sunlight.  Nice to be back from NYC and the blizzard and cold temps, eh, Boss?

So, Tuesday is the night for the President’s State of the Union speech.  The Boss was musing about some stuff you surely will NOT hear in that speech, Old Sport.

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Ahh, The Boss is back in the ATX after having survived the NYC blizzard last week.  The Boss is feeling a bit better as the mercury hit 70F after an overnight low of 26F.  Wow, a 44F range, wow!  Going to be almost 80F — well at least 75F — today.  Ahh, the ATX and winter.

So The Boss is sitting with one of his brilliant CEOs in NYC last week and the conversation turns to that of things undone — regrets.

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You Own Your Employees’ Problems, Right?

Big Red Car here.  I’ve been listening to The Boss complain how damn cold it is in NYC.  [He’s such a hot house Texan, no?  Haha, Boss, that was your choice to go hang out in a blizzard, no?]

Going to be 72F today and sunny in the ATX, Boss.  [Hahaha, this one’s on you, Boss.]

So The Boss is constantly working with his brilliant CEOs and they are constantly talking about their team members and their problems.

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Report From the Front Lines — the Marijuana Wars

Big Red Car here.  So The Boss was in Colorado, Steamboat Springs to be exact, just when the legalization of recreational marijuana took effect, locally known as Green Wednesday.

Does the idea of stoned snowboarders worry you?  Uhhh, guess not since — as someone pointed out — it is likely this is NOT a changed condition.

In any event, I apologize for using the word “stoned” as that may be interpreted as a pejorative term and that is not fair given that the use of marijuana in Colorado is not only condoned, it is perfectly legal.  Folks should not be ridiculed for engaging in perfectly legal behavior.

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Valley Forge — a Primer in Crisis Management for the Startup CEO

Big Red Car here.  Oh boy, it’s going to be 75F and sunny here in the ATX today.  Oh boy!  [Hey, Big Red Car, STFU because other folks live in places like Chicago and it’s wicked cold there.  Actually it’s going to be quite nice in Chicago today.]

So The Boss is still in Steamboat Springs skiing.  It snowed like mad yesterday and last night.  Probably got more than a foot of fresh powder.  They were out grooming it all night long.

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Organization Chart — Growth and Scale Tool

Big Red Car here.  Hey, the Big Red Car is very, very sad.  Everyone is gone.  I’m stuck with the housesitter and it’s too damn cold to take a ride.  Usually I can talk the housesitter into anything — yes, ANYTHING — but it’s 40F and he’s not budging from the fire.  Brat.

I wonder if I’m suffering from post holiday depression.  I think there is such a thing, no?  Well at least it’s going to be 70F by the weekend.  I can wait on it.

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George Washington — American Entrepreneur

Well, The Boss has been reading all about George Washington (for about the fifth time that the Big Red Car is aware of) and is reading Douglas Southall Freeman’s seven volume history of Washington for at least the second time.

Freeman is the author of the definitive works on Washington and Robert E Lee.

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The Character Traits and Skills of the Successful CEO — Experimentation

Big Red Car here.  It’s zero dark thirty here in the ATX and it’s a bit cool for us hot house creatures.  It’s right at 39F with a forecasted high of 43F and a low of 24F.  Brrrrr!

So what does it take to be a successful CEO?  You’re going to have to conduct some experiments — experimentation, Old Sport.

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