Articles of Incorporation v Corporate Bylaws — WTF, Big Red Car?

Big Red Car here.  Turned out nice today in the ATX.  If your definition of niiiiiiiiiiice is 82F, 23% humidity and a nice breeze out of the Southwest.  Ahhhh.

So The Boss is talking to two of his CEO clients — brilliant guys, really.

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The Power of Video — Get Some

Big Red Car here.  Well, Old Sport, is it going to be 82F and sunny today here in the ATX.  On Earth as it is in Texas.

So The Boss is working with several CEOs and they have been discussing the use of video in their businesses.  An interesting discussion indeed.  Let’s listen in, ya’ll.

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Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery

Big Red Car here on a bit of a cloudy day.  Still digesting that turnkey, are you?  Well, let’s make some turkey soup today and finish it off.

So The Boss is depositing Investment Banker No 1 Son at the Killeen-Fort Hood International Airport for the trip home to Charlotte and drives by the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery. Continue reading