USAA — A Terrific Insurance Company

Big Red Car here.  Oh, it is sunny and clear in the ATX.  Cold, don’t you know?  Get out and exercise off some of that turkey, please.  Burp!  [OMG, Big Red Car, did you get into the 10W40 again?]

So The Boss was talking to a fellow Veteran about the USAA — United Services Automobile Association — a freakin’ insurance company, ya’ll.

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Virtual Chief Technical Officers

Big Red Car here.  Hey, it’s cold and rainy here in the ATX.  Hell, they were talking about snow and sleet in the Hill Country.  Can that be right?

So, The Boss was talking to one of his brilliant CEOs and they got on the subject of the founding team for a startup.  The discussion took an interesting turn.

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What do your offices say about your business?

Big Red Car here.  Hey, ya’ll, it’s a great day in the ATX.  It’s 61F headed to 72F and sunny, sunny, sunny.  Ahh, on Earth as it is in Texas.

So The Boss was in NYC and Philadelphia last week visiting with some of his CEOs — brilliant all — and few Venture Capitalist friends.

A week very well spent.

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