Musings on Sick Leave

Big Red Car here.  Slow start today but looks like it will still be a nice day.  Going for a ride up to the Georgetown Airport this afternoon to do a bit of airplane stuff.

The Boss was up early and was talking to one of his CEOs on the subject of benefits and more particularly the “right attitude” toward sick leave.

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Trust, Red Lines and Enormous Consequences

Big Red Car here.  Bright, sunny, wonderful Sunday morning here in the ATX.  Have to type fast because The Boss is at church and that is one of my prime times to use the computer.  He leaves it on for me.  I think.

So, I was watching the Sunday morning talk shows and gave a bit of thought to the issue of TRUST — how do you build it and how do you use it and how do you lose it?

Oh, this Big Red Car is a very deep thinker!  Haha, Big Red Car you crack yourself up, don’t you?

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Voomly Report

Big Red Car here.  Bit gray in the ATX but is has warmed up more than a bit.  Like it a bit warm and humid sometimes.  Yeah, right?  The Big Red Car likes it sunny and cooooool.

Speaking of cool, The Boss has been enjoying his new venture into CEO coaching with Voomly.  Here is a report.

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To fix a problem, you must see it first and then you must admit it

Big Red Car here.  The Big Red Car is feeling a bit blue these days which is very, very difficult to do for a Big Red Car.

We seem to be overwhelmed with problems but the Big Red Car is deathly afraid we cannot see them and therefore we cannot admit them and therefore we cannot solve them.

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Cutting costs is not rocket science — proof

Big Red Car here.  Kind of a gray and gloomy day in the ATX but big doings nonetheless.

The President is in Dallas for the opening of the George W Bush President Museum and in Waco for the West explosion memorial.  A high point and a low point.

These big happenings sometimes obscure the elegant simplicity of handling day to day affairs — such as doing the normal and mundane things that business folks do all the time — controlling expenditures.  Cutting costs.

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Organization of the startup and small business

Big Red Car here.  Turning out to be a pretty day here in the ATX and why not?  Bit of sunshine peeking through after some drizzle yesterday.

Well, the plants and flowers need it, don’t they?  They need it for growth.  Let’s talk about growth — growing the organization of a startup or small business.  Haha, Big Red Car, you are some kind of wag, aren’t you?

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Crawl. Walk. Run. and the Impatience of the Internet

Big Red Car here.  What a day in the ATX — brilliant sunshine, not a cloud in the sky.  Air clear and bright.  Nice and cool.  On Earth as it is in Texas!

So The Boss has been visiting with several of his CEO coaching clients and I overheard a conversation in which The Boss used the phrase:  Crawl, walk, run.  Hmmm, wonder what he meant by that?  The Boss has his favorite sayings indeed.

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The Sales Process

Big Red Car here.  Going to be a great day in the ATX, sunny and cool.  Happy Friday, ya’ll and please do be happy.  No stink eye for anyone today.

So The Boss was up early meeting with one of his CEO clients and they were chatting about the CEO’s company’s sales process.  Seems The Boss had had several similar conversations over the last couple of weeks.  Surprising really.

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America the Exceptional

Big Red Car here.  The recent bombing in Boston — the work of cowards — had The Boss thinking about the exceptional nature of America and the journey it has experienced since the flame of liberty was lit in New England — the birthplace of the American rebellion and the American Revolution.

It is an amazing story.

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Building an organization — financial talent

Big Red Car here.  Gray and gloomy, bit cool maybe, here in the ATX.  Well, it’s Tax Day and that can put a bit of gloom on everything.

Speaking of taxes, said the Big Red Car with a smile, makes me think about building the financial talent in a startup or small company.

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Big Red Car here.  Enjoying the wonderful mild weather here in the ATX — Austin, Texas.  The ATX.

The Boss and one of his old Army friends were chewing the fat the other day and got to talking about all the interesting stuff they did all those years ago when they were young and dangerous men.  Back when the Big Red Car was just a pup himself.

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The Baroness Margaret Thatcher is Dead

Big Red Car here mourning the passing of Baroness Margaret Thatcher.

Many the accolade will be bestowed on this unique and extraordinary woman.  All well deserved.

The only woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was a true friend of the United States.

She transformed her country.  She was a partner with Ronald Reagan in transforming the world.  She stared Communism down in Europe.

The world shall never see another woman leader as extraordinary as the Baroness Margaret Thatcher.

Good luck.  Godspeed.  Well played!